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  1. Default Cannot change my PAssword

    Last night i changed my password and logged in to play.
    Today i wanted to play but for some reason my new password was incorrect and i've tried to change it through Forgot my password but each time i want to change the password it says or: "Your new password cannot be identical to your existing password. Please enter a new password." or "Your verification link was not recognized. Please try again."

    What can i do to change my password again to play because now i cant log in to the game...

  2. Default Re: Cannot change my PAssword

    It probably got changed already then. Changed to whatever you typed in.

  3. Default Re: Cannot change my PAssword

    I thought that tooo so i tried the new password but it's says it's incorrect again

  4. Default Re: Cannot change my PAssword

    Website is also having problems right now so maybe you'll have to wait until that gets sorted out.

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    Default Re: Cannot change my PAssword

    I think it's one of those things where the website and the GameLauncher don't have the same input parameters? Like, you can input a longer password on the website than in GameLauncher, or maybe input special characters or characters from a different codepage.

  6. Default Re: Cannot change my PAssword

    Well i tried my casual passwords which are good but it's not changing it... i hope they will fix the site soon, i felt that it having problems... because i tried like 10 times to change my password



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