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    I really don't like how TSM "fans" reacted to this. They shouldn't laugh at Regi from stepping down and say "FINALLY" and stuff like that. I mean, the guy pretty much ADMITTED being the worst of his team and did it for his team, only for some idiots to keep on bashing him like they always did. Yeah, laughing at him sometimes is funny, but this is just not the time to. I think he made the right decision, and I can't wait to see if that big change will put TSM in a better -or worse- spot than before.

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    They laugh because Regi's attitude and treatment of his team members (with a perception that he was untouchable) led to many embarrassing/SMH worthy moments for him and his team. The guy was a horrendous douche.

    I HIGHLY doubt that him stepping down was purely his decision - I'd be extremely surprised if there wasn't a lot of pressure behind that decision from his teammates or the team's management. He was the entire reason I refused to root for TSM, and with him gone I finally have a US team I can root for. For me, this is the best change Season 4 has brought us thus far.

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    Plus I wouldn't be surprised if he did it more for his personal reputation than for the team.

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    Not that this is an accurate representation at all, but I thought this was pretty funny.

    Reggie greatly embarrassed himself before worlds/NALCS when he and Dyrus got into a fight over them being too loud during his stream. (At least I think that's why they were fighting) All in all I don't have too much to say about the new lineup.

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    I don't think you all understand that is probably normal. They're literally the only people you see get in the public eye more than any other team in Professional E-Sports. So take what you see with a grain of salt because I assure there are probably worse things with many other e-sports teams as well. Especially since you don't live the life they do.

    Calling him a douche is also pretty low of any you. You've got to understand he's 22 years old and was running a business/team/and captain of a team. And still had the ability to keep up with Korean Midlaners. And unless you're lived the life of an actual e-sports team you really can't say anything. You're on the outside of the window looking in. Remember that. Unless any of you are 18 yearsold and could make a successful business, name, and world class e-sports team. He's probably gone through more hell than you would know.

    Also the topic of this isn't talking about your opinions of Reginald. This is about the new Midlane Bjergsen.

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    Well this move made TSM a bit scarier.

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    The switch/difference between the two players/playstyles is still perfectly relevant to the topic at hand. And as a 23 year old who has had to manage much larger groups, I can indeed say that his behavior was entirely inappropriate as a "leader" or manager. There's a huge difference between making decisions for the benefit of your team/organization and consistently raging at/blaming others for mistakes, particularly when you're causing just as many if not more. There are several points where as a leader he could have stepped up and acknowledged responsibility for mistakes/major misplays but didn't. He didn't "keep up" with Korean midlaners either - in most cases they tore him apart. He did alright in laning phase but that's only one piece of a huge game.

    As for team dynamics, Bjergsen tends to be much more assassin-oriented as player. We can expect him to focus on champions that, through role or through build, can kill a single target quickly and reliably. He doesn't have as much variation in playstyle as Regi, but he seemed to be a lot more consistent as a player on the whole. He had very good coordination with his top and jungler on NiP (specific example was him (Zed) and Shen roaming as a duo for a lengthy period of time with several ridiculous jukes and team plays between the two). Bjergsen was solely responsible for Copenhagen Wolves recovering from their absurd losing streak in early Season 3 and was a major factor in the games NiP won in the second half. Definitely worth keeping an eye on.

    Champs Bjergsen seems to do best with:
    Syndra, Zed, Fizz. He's play some others to success but those 3 seem to be his go to picks.



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