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    I flipped when I saw the trailer in movie theaters a while ago. Will watch!

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    I gotta ask, what's up with the Lego thing and the americans?
    Like, I've never seen in any other country a fanbase so huuuge about Legos.
    Are they the common toys for a kid? Like traditional toys?

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    Saw the link to it on youtube a day ago dismissed it as one of those silly CGI films they make, when I saw its stop motion I flipped.

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    Not as sexy as that Asian guy putting Beyonce to shame.


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    Yes and Yes. Basically ever kid, especially boys, starts getting Legos around their 6th birthday and it continues until they're 12 or so. I loved the Star Wars and Ninja sets as a kid.

    Saw this trailor ages ago, it looks pretty awesome!

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    This might actually be the best thing I've ever seen

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    Hnnngggg is right. I'm really excited for this. How long has it been since a full-feature length stop motion film?
    Also, I think Morgan Freeman has just assumed the role of God for the rest of eternity.

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    I really hope there's an exoforce cameo *-*

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    It looks funny on a gag-by-gag basis, but the plot looks terribad. That shoehorned romance in a LEGO film. seriously.

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    Pretty hyped about this movie, going to be good i hope.

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    I'm just mostly wanting to see it for the asthetics, I assumed the plot is going to be safe and terrible to appeal to the general audience and children (although Pixar has proven that a script need not be terrible to appeal to children but I digress...) I will agree however that the romance is as you put it ..."shoehorned" (excellent use there, that seems like th perfect way to phrase it) because there seems something familiar about that girl....

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    That's EXACTLY the trope I had in my mind. Plucky, spunky action girl comes along and changes the life of the boring main character. And you can tell she's full of life, because she has COLOURS, in HER HAIR.

    It seems like such a lazy plot done over and over again. Guy has mundane everyday life, girl comes along and changes his life, she "believes" in him and he's "special". Cue threat which only the "special" main character can stop.

    I mean I know it's a kids film, and it's not to be taken too seriously, but this is just a lazy excuse for a film, it's a moneymaker and nothing more.

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