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    How do you guys feel about sudden ends in romance Manga/Anime? By sudden, I mean where it ends the instant the couple gets together, or after they kiss. I kinda hate it when they end like that, I prefer that they show something after that, usually a happily ever after kind of thing (like they get married, or have kids, or just something afterwards). Sometimes the sudden endings can work, but other time I feel you are just surprised and want more (while knowing you never will since its over). I get it can be used for dramatic effect, but I really like knowing what happens after they admit thier feelings and go out. Your thoughts? Any good or bad examples?

    If you're wondering where this is coming from, i just finished reading Idol Pretender

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    At least then it's some sort of conclusion to the romance. It's an all too common trend in romance manga to have the series end without that even happening. Whenever that happens, it feels like the whole point of the manga was just to be a massive troll. After all the manga I read, I honestly find myself just a bit happy when a romance series ends with at the very least a kiss and/or acknowledgment of each other's feelings.

    I've only ever read a manga or watched an anime where it went past the point of getting together (or possibly getting together) once, and that series was Clannad. I guess Countrouble kind of counts, but after they got together in that manga, the series just kinda of wandered around not knowing what to do until it ended. There aren't really too many examples of manga like that within the Shounen/Seinen romance genres that I typically find myself reading in the first place, though.

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    It depends on the type of sudden end it comes from. For instance, if you have two characters that are more or less a couple (but for whatever reason, Cannot say it), and then it finally builds up and gets together then it is not much of an issue. It is only troubling when the sudden end is done for either laughs, just because, or some other weird reason. With former, even though the story never goes into what their lives is afterwards, at least you can envision what it would be like given what was shown on screen.

    I did not think it was too badly done (despite it being anime deviation, manga is so much different but is on hiatus since forever on and off) for DN Angel at the last episode, since throughout it was building up to that point. On the other hand, I am current reading through Kimi ni Todoke (but not all available chapters yet), and it is exactly the answer to what happens after, sort of.



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