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  1. Basic0 How Should I Dress My Angelic Buster?

    Hello Southperry!

    I'll be the first to admit, I'm not very creative when it comes to dressing up characters. I usually spring for Transparent items or leave the character with its default look, which looks good most of the time. However, I really wanted to do something special for my AB, since I have left the transformed look basically untouched, but I want the untransformed look to be something completely different from the transformed look.

    Now, this is where you guys come in!

    I'd like for you guys to come up with some outfits that I could wear. Keep in mind, if I like it, then it will most likely become an outfit that I will wear until Maplestory shuts down. I'm not very fond of switching outfits.

    Right now, my character is very vanilla, aside from the fact that I just sprung for a Royal Face coupon and got Piercing Gaze (I was originally going for Bright Eyes, but I now see the appeal in Piercing Gaze. Plus, Bright Eyes make you look toothless when you F2. ).

    I have a couple of stipulations:

    1. This is the base character.
    I'd like the skin colour, eyes and eyes to be kept the same (green Piercing Gaze, light skin). I don't think there's anything that can cover Soul Rings (Angelic Buster's secondary weapon).
    2. The outfit must be made of items that are completely permanent (I have access to all of the permanent NX items that were given out by the "Cassandra’s Makeover Mission" event).
    3. If your character does not have an NX cover for the weapon, please keep in mind that I will be wearing either a:

    Loveless Purple Dragon or a Terminus Firebreather. I'm not TOO keen on anvilling, but if the weapon is truly intrusive, I will think about it.
    4. If possible, please use shoes, I dislike when a character is barefoot. If, for some reason, your character looks really ridiculous with any kind of available shoes, but looks great barefoot, then I will consider it.
    5. If you're thinking about anvils, please keep it to a minimum. It's like stipulation #2, although I do not change out equipment too often, it may become a hassle.
    6. This is my current (and most likely, permanent) transformed look (Star Tail and Royal Navy Cap are not permanent, but I will continue buying Royal Navy Caps because it just looks too good). Like I said, I'd really appreciate if the untransformed look was completely different, compared to this.
    7. No budget. Go nuts!

    That should be it. I look forward to seeing your designs!
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    I believe a Transparent Shield or any other CS shield cover will go over the Soul Ring. Only hearsay at this point, really, as I've only read about it and it seems to work when previewing it in the Cash Shop! But I suppose with green Piercing Gaze you could be all green and leave the Soul Ring visible.

    How do you feel about waiting for royal hair options to change? Pretty sure there are some styles that haven't been available for a long time. Would you be willing to wait perhaps even several months in order to look your best?


    e: Like the no shoes thing, would you prefer your character to not be pantsless as well? The two (or lack of) pretty much go hand in hand, plus the only option for bottoms I can see is the Brisk from that one event, and most of the permanent overalls suck butt!

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    Totally fine with waiting for Royals to switch out.

    I'm not sure where it went in MapleMe... I just used an old code I had lying around.

    Base image code

    @Soph, might wanna take a look at that. :D

    Hmm, I'd have to say my opinion on pantslessness isn't great. But like I said for being barefoot, if it doesn't look good otherwise, then I will consider it.

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    Ah thank you. It is likely it got included in the duplicate filter by accident. I'll go check it and next update it should come back.

    EDIT: Yup that was the problem. Removed it, so next time MapleStory has a patch it will return. Sorry about that.

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    ok well turns out working with a restriction of "permanent only" is really really hard never again

    These two are all I have for now and I'm not really proud of them but I think they're alright-ish. I'll edit/post some more in later if I feel like going through the eye-gouging process of trial-and-error-ing permanent styles. MapleMe codes are included in case you want to play around with them (well except that code imports aren't working right now)!

    Not sure what'll happen with my weapon choices and the possible matching issues they'll have with your transformed look! I didn't include Soul Rings with my suggestions but I don't think they'll be detrimental to the outfits. NX shields are très expensive anyway! There were tweaks I felt were necessary to make, but do take them with many grains of salt.

    Option 1

    Option 2

    pls be gentle

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    Absolutely loving the hair and colour scheme, but it feels way too reminiscent of my transformed look. Too much pink and purple. I was hoping for more blues/greens, especially because of the eye colour.

    Never was a big fan of that hair, but the hat makes it look better. I feel like everything in this outfit belongs... except for the weird taxi outfit. The wand looks nice in conjunction with the bracelet. I'm honestly kind of interested in what kind of timed outfits you were thinking of using.

    Thanks for making these two, but I'm honestly not feeling either one. I will say that Blonde Luscious Locks look absolutely stunning with Piercing Gaze, so that will probably be the thing I aim for.

    I was playing around with MapleMe today, seeing if I could find any good combinations. I did find one that I was quite fond of:


    I was also fiddling around, and found an outfit I absolutely loved, but neither of the items seem to be in the GMS data.

    please come to GMS somehow

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    I think that green leaf is part of the outfit package ;~: not 100% sure might be a bigger one not sure

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    So it was. I still don't see the overalls anywhere :s

    It's not permanent either.

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    One comment I wanted to make about anviling: if you change your equipment you're probably going to spend quite a good bit of NX scrolling and cubing the new items. So what's another 3k for re-anviling?

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    Hm, now that I think about it, most of the hassle would just plain be waiting for Nexon to re-release Fusion Anvils. In the grand scheme of things, the extra 3k isn't a big deal at all.

    That stipulation looks silly to me now.

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    I could be wrong but those look like the set resistance gets when you make one but in brown :(

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    Make is as manly as possible. Yeah! Slap on a mustache and face-covering things!



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