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    Ok so i know that there is thread in the discussion but i need to make an organize with the stuff:
    1. what is the strategy to kill all his parts? I mean i can kill them all but i get stuck in the head almost kill him but or i die or time is out
    2. Is there any way to surpass the potion block? If not, what can i do if my DW MP is done and i can't attack?
    3. What is the fastest way to done all his body parts?

    And side question about the quests: There is one quest of killing both shoulders and Abdomen. I kill them but the quest seem to be bugged or i'm doing something wrong but it's not recognized that i kill them. why?
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    You can leave the map to use potions as long as you don't have a counter over your head.

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    Even with the head stage?
    And by count you mean when those mobs comming to gollux?

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    The count looks like Demon Avenger's Overwhelming Power, but with a number next to it.

    On a related note, anyone have a no-death strategy for the eyes? I'm doing Normal mode, but can't get past the eyes without dying at least once. :/


    1. I guess it would just be a matter of DPS, for the head. If you cannot finish, try bringing a friend along.
    2. Bryan already fielded this, but you can exit any map as long as you do not have a counter over your head.
    3. Uh, could you clarify? I don't really understand the question.

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    Sorry i had a typo over the question...



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