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Thread: Is this Normal?

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    Chaos Root Abyss: Not dropping Fafnir Items. (to keep the value of philosopher books, marvel machine, etc)
    Normal Ranmaru: It's drops are glitched. (listed in known issues)
    Madman Ranmaru: It's drops are glitched. (listed in known issues)
    Normal Magnus: (listed in known issues as not dropping correct equipment)
    Hard Magnus: Not dropping Tyrant Items. (to keep the value of marvel machine)
    Empress Evo Lab: Not dropping Empress Items since many months ago. (listed in known issues)
    Gollux: Any difficulty will result in the same rewards (listed in known issues)

    Isn't this suspicious? What's going on in Maple Story lately?

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    Nexon being old greedy/Useless Nexon. Nothing new really. Now let's wait for the bug when making cubes via Blacksmithing in the RED patch that will make cubes unobtainable.

    Also, almost all the bugs there are months old.

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    Another thread with a topic already brought up countless times? On the same day as the other one?

    Yes, Nexon seems to have numerous problems with drops from bosses. It has been going on for many months by now.

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    I'm pretty sure it's to stop hackers from flooding the market with their drops.

    Legitimate players still gamble in order to get the gear, just now they gamble to get the gear its self instead of gambling to get good enough stats to beat the bosses to get the gear.

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    >Stop hackers

    Yeah, right.

    On a serious note, how do you get to that conclusion? Have Nexon made a statement saying that they're going to f'uck everyone just to stop hackers?
    Either way (and to answer OP), be it Nexon greediness or stupidity;yes it's normal because it's Nexon and it's Maplestory.

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    It's rather easy to come to that conclusion given that Tyrant drops were removed from Hard Magnus after, but still around the same time frame, as their crusade to delete all the illegitimately gained Tyrant equips, and, if I remember correctly, RA equip drops were removed (if they were ever there to begin with, not like there was any proof, except for the Chaos RA hats that hackers obtained) under similar circumstances, namely that the bosses were supposed to be impossible at the time, so the only people who could possibly get the drops would be hackers, so they just took out the drops all together.

    Now that the bosses are much more possible to do, Nexon still has yet to add the drops back, due to not believing that they're doable, needing approval from higher ups, or to make more money off their gacha boxes and marvel machine. In any case, it's not all that difficult to add drops, as I've said before, when they added familiars to the game, they only added a few and made the rest available through their little booster pack, and within a week, after player complaints, decided to add the rest of the familiars to the drop table.

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    Got a reply on a ticket regarding the drops.

    "We're having difficulty replicating this issue".


    Well pomegranate.

    I guess they can't fix it if they can't find what's wrong.
    Maybe there's some silly "special conditions" thing going on like with horntail and we haven't realized it.

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    They're unable to beat the bosses lmao

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    IGN: xparasite9
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    You're laughing now, but that could very well be true.

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    I wonder if the Nexon Employee's are underestimating how much the top of each world spends on cubes and stats...

    I wouldn't be surprised if they just assumed the strongest players only have 150% max potential [while I know a lot of the "elite" players have 350~400% @_@] and went off that stat and fought the bosses.

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    It is pretty normal since Nexon takes an eternity when it comes to solving bugs and issues, if they bother fixing them in the first place.

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    Why else would they do it?

    They'd milk the legitimate players more if they let the bosses drop the gear. Since they'd have to cube up their Empress gear to be able to beat Hard Magnus for their Tyrant gear, then cube up their Tyrant gear in order to beat Chaos Root Abyss bosses to get their gear, and then they cube up that gear to prepare for the next boss(es) that'll most likely come in KMS' next Winter update.

    But with the Marvel Machine giving them out instead, even a new player can just get to 150 and get the gear from the Marvel Machine and equip it, skipping Empress gear entirely.

    KMS can get away with having the first system in place since creating a Nexon Korea account is something that is much more restrictive than creating a Nexon NA account. (KR requires a valid korean ID, but NA just requires a Yahoo mail account which can be made in a minute.) But on GMS, if a hacker gets banned, s/he'll bounce back up and be back in a few days with a new account. Maybe even only one day if s/he knows where to bot. (Plenty of great spots. Most people don't even bother with even half of the game's maps anymore in the age of Evolving World and Dimension Invasion.)

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    Since this seems like the most appropriate thread for this at this time, has anyone done Chaos RA recently? While I was browsing the FM today, I saw a shop which I know, well, I assume, to be maintained by a hacker, given their shop content in the past, and it had some RA equips. It could be from the last gacha box or marvel, or something, but I still find it suspicious. It'd be a hell of a lot easier to tell if they fixed stat variance. I've also heard that Evo Empress+Instructors are dropping their items now as well, but so far I haven't seen it for myself, other than the recent spike in the supply of shoulders, and I'm hesistant to waste more coins on Evo Empress.

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    I've also seen a large influx of Empress Shoulders from a certain somebody's store, but they have the stat variance. Either Evo drops have been fixed, or they're dug up from an old mule.
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    I've seen a rather good-sized (relative to the past) influx of Empress Capes. Can anyone that does that boss clarify if the other V2s aside from Eckhart now drop Capes? If not, that might further support the idea that (Evo World) bosses drop something now.

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    Unbanned mules with drops?

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    they seriously should have wiped the accounts before releasing them.

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    Mules, most likely. But not recently unbanned mules, if Nexon has only begun releasing accounts today. The shoulders have been placed in the hacker's store since last week.

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    There was also a hack that generated infinite quantities of any Evo world core, so if drops are back then idk...

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    Didn't know about that, but it would explain how he was restocking dozens of shoulders daily (pre-Unleashed). He farmed so many that he had to move them to mules.



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