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  1. Default Which NX Covers work with Fans?

    Hey all~

    I want to get a nx wep cover for my kanna, but I'm a bit worried that I would have the luminious/ angelic buster situation [where you can't equip it even though the description says it works with all weps].

    Would anyone know if these can be equipped by a kanna?

    Goblin Fire

    Ghost Weapon

    Demon Sickle [would really love this but idk, seems far fetch but since kanna fans are 2handed....]

    Elizabeth Fan [ I feel irony if i can't equip this...]

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    Default Re: Which NX Covers work with Fans?

    Goblin Fire, Ghost Weapon should definitely work.

    Demon Sickle will not.

    Elizabeth Fan would probably work.

    In my experience, anything that can cover a Wand or Staff (or anything one-handed, I guess) can cover a fan, since it acts like a Wand

  3. Default Re: Which NX Covers work with Fans?

    Yea I learned a lot of things that should work don't. Like angelic buster with the teddy bear nx cover...
    Can never be too careful xD Goblinfire would be pretty cool on a kanna though!



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