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    I'm gonna prioritize stuff you can get ingame, and stuff that lasts longer. Separate spoilers for stuff that stack; will mention stuff that doesn't stack inside the spoiler. So basically the question is, what else is out there?

    Big Spider Familiar: 60% drop

    Greed Pendant: 20% drop

    Inner Ability: 3%/8%/13%/18% drop

    Legendary Potential on Accessories: 10/15/20% drop

    Unlimited use:
    Mercedes Link Skill: 10%/15%/20% exp

    Pendant of the Spirit: 10/20/30% exp

    Pipsqueak Orchid: 3% exp

    Silent Crusade Ring: 2% exp

    Limited use:
    EXP Accumulation Potion: 10% exp

    Extreme Gold Potion: 10% exp

    Part Time Job: 30% exp

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    EXP Accumulation Potion - 10% EXP (hunt bosses for recipe, farm ingredients through Evo)
    Extreme Gold Potion - 10% EXP (drops from rare rhino boss in Monster Park Extreme)

    All stack.

    There's also an exp buff you can obtain from part-time job, but I don't know specifics of it.

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    Unique IA when using the regular Circulators can land on 13%* drop rate.

    Legendary Potentials on Accessories can have certain percentages (don't remember off the top of my head) for drop rate.

    Monster Park Extreme Gold Potions give an additional 10% EXP for 30 minutes.
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    You can get 1.3x EXP as a random additional reward after doing Resting or whatever it's called, if not Resting than something very similar.

    Got the IA the other day, isn't it 13%?

    Pots are 10%/15%/20% and align with the normal potential tiers.

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    Yes it comes from resting. I've done a lot of testing with this, and you always get the 1,3x buff if the reward is special (note red text at login screen). The buff will last for 10 min for each hour that you put your char in part time job for. However if you do 1 hour and 1 min, it will be 20 min duration instead of 10 min. The last option of part time jobs will ALWAYS give you a 1,3x drop coupon (forgot the name, one to the >>>). Both of them act like family buff or the free 1.5x coupons, so you cant stack them.

    Yes its 13%

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    Family buffs? They are tiny buffs but they are rather easy to obtain.

    Also I'm pretty sure it's Big Spider, not Giant Spider.

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    Must have remembered incorrectly, edited.

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    You may want to consider mentioning the spirit pendant and the old silent crusade ring (2% EXP). Remember that in terms of grinding, the ultimate, ultimate goal of DPS is not only for the numbers, but for the speed of getting EXP per kill, so in this case %EXP increase is the ultimate, ultimate increase in DPS.

    Just sayin' the obvious, HS plox.


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    Why do you have wolf underling as unavailable in game?

    Anyways to add to the topic

    Mingu Familiar - 50% drop rate
    Bonus legendary potential - Item drop 5% (most if not all equips)
    Bonus legendary potential -5% exp on ha
    Also Wealth Acquisition Potion - 10% additional drop rate from Alchemy Profession

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    The Wolf Underling doesn't drop them so you'll have to buy one from a player.

    Plus IIRC you have to be a level 150+ Aran with 2 out of 3 mount quests done to even hunt them. So most classes are out of luck.

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    I don't remember the specifics or the scaling, but there is the EXP Guild Skill.

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    Just out of curiosity, from where did you get confirmation that the familiar does not drop in game? I haven't heard of anyone claiming to actually get a drop off of the mobs in the mount quest, but that's not proof for or against...



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