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  1. Default Season 4 changes thread

    Riot's first thread about them

    Reddit thread with a list of changes/screenshots

    The new jungle camp sticks out to me so far. It was called a "monster" camp which I believe is what the buff camps are called and Snoopeh said it does a lot of damage. My friends and I speculate that it serves a purpose similar to the Hunter's Machete now, since if it does a lot of damage you're going to need sustain to kill it early, and sustain junglers aren't the fastest clearers right now. This would help remedy that.
    is a screenshot Doublelift posted, Meteos has Madred's Bloodrazor and Doublelift has a Runaan's on Graves. Another thing is Graves being called Graves_ASTest and Ezreal being called Ezreal_ASTest which means something's changing about attack speed, probably.

  2. Default Re: Season 4 changes thread

    I wasn't aware they already had this ready to roll out like that. Guessing this is a special pbe for select helpers, huh? Will read and edit/post again eventually


    "They're going to try to have supports scale their utility. Janna's AP would scale her AD buff given on shield ability as an example... "

    I like this. If they do stuff like this for all champs then supports will be much more interesting.
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  3. Default Re: Season 4 changes thread

    If by "special helpers" you mean "professional players", then yes.

  4. Default Re: Season 4 changes thread

    Can't read them at work, but the nature of the changes intrigues me. I'm afraid of what they might do to Zyra, but otherwise supports scaling with investment could be interesting. There's a lot of room for them to screw up supports severely if they go about it the wrong way, though.

    More jungle gold/etc is good, and I'm not opposed to "carry" junglers being viable. At least when someone picks Nocturne in Silver because they want damage they won't become utterly useless after the 15 minute mark (I am not saying that Nocturne is bad. I am saying that Silver players tend not to understand when/why to pick Nocturne or what to do with him). I do not want to see Shaco make a comeback, though...

  5. Default Re: Season 4 changes thread

    Wonder how they're going to completely screw up the jungle meta this season.... Also if Riot wanted to improve both junglers and supports they could just reduce the immense impact wards have on the game.

  6. Default Re: Season 4 changes thread

    Sona only 4k behind a fed Kha'Zix, is this the real life?

  7. Default Re: Season 4 changes thread

    Excuse me while I change my man-diaper.

    Can't wait to see how trinkets play out. I'm a big fan of providing the maximum amount of vision for my team. Now it looks like team members will be providing their own vision, and the supports will be playing their own game of hide-and-seek with the enemy support's wards. I'm loving a better jungle with more options (I DON'T WANT TO BUILD OFF-TANK/TANK EVERY TIME!).

  8. Default Re: Season 4 changes thread

    Holy. I wonder how much of that was GP10 - looking at the difference between Sona and Leona, a lot of that can't be accounted for by just assist gold and objectives alone. Sona was a whole 5k gold up on that Leona.

    Oh. I stand corrected. Looks like global gold is going to make a huge difference now. Which...idk if I agree with. It means whatever team starts taking turrets first should have a dramatically better chance of winning, even moreso than currently.

  9. Default Re: Season 4 changes thread

    I think it's a bit too soon to get excited since that picture doesn't show that much information.

  10. Default Re: Season 4 changes thread

    Sight Beyond Sight: An Introduction to Preseason 4 Vision

    Talking about the Ward changes / limits and the new Trinkets.

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    Default Re: Season 4 changes thread

    I really want to see if CV will get some love.

  12. Default Re: Season 4 changes thread

    some quite interesting changes here, I really like their approach but i found what my friend said about this on skype hilarous


    Martyr's Call:
    +300 health
    +10 health regen per 5

    seems pretty op on super tanks such a cho.

  13. Default Re: Season 4 changes thread

    "Once you pick up Shurelia's Reverie (which now grants passive gp/5 and the bonus gold on minion death)..."

    As a Support main... FINALLY. Kinda disliked losing the Gold passive when upgrading Philo into Shurelia.

  14. Default Re: Season 4 changes thread

    With the advent of Assist streaks I can't wait for my first "PENTA ASSIST!!"

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    Default Re: Season 4 changes thread

    I have to really agree with this. It's annoying as hell on my Zyra support where I can't upgrade my philo or kage's until I finish my Zhonya's or I'd never be able to afford it.

  16. Default Re: Season 4 changes thread

    The 4th camp is not a buff, and mancloud says it's

  17. Default Re: Season 4 changes thread

    Awesome, something pretty close for top lane blue and bottom lane purple to farm in between waves.

  18. Default Re: Season 4 changes thread

    According to WE Misaya[1

    Minion spawn time changed to 1:00
    Monster spawn time changed to 1:30
    Outter tower (possibly all towers) gold distribution changed to killer 250 allies 75 each.
    New jungle item gives significantly increased gold income for jungler.
    Baron buff remade to increase tower killing damage by a large % and grant a out-of-combat MS boost(like ms5 boots). the old regen and ap/ad buff removed
    First blood within first 4 minutes reduced reward to 240 gold.
    Mid laner will gain abit from masteries change. also mid laner need to roam a lot more.
    Bot lane lane winner support will be a very big carry after lane phase.


  19. Default Re: Season 4 changes thread

    The earlier spawn times should cut down on some of the annoying "hurry up and wait" invade/counterinvade bushchecking. For better or for worse.

    I do NOT like the tower changes (assuming it works on last-hit principle, not on "who hit the turret last before it went down"). Seems like it will encourage people to hang around a turret needlessly when minion damage is enough to finish it off.

    Supports being stronger would force mid to roam a lot regardless - otherwise there's a risk of the support roaming mid to gank after a kill in bot lane (esp Leona, Zyra, J4, etc with heavy CC/high damage).

    New Baron buff: I like. Doesn't make a team thousands of gold stronger in fights but still encourages sieges. More counterplay while still being an important, albeit more focused objective.



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