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    With the Booster Packs given out, I'd like to reinforce my brother's collection of Familiars.
    He needs renewals of:
    (34) White Mama Monkey
    (48) Ghost Pixie
    (53) Ratz
    (54) Red Goblin
    (58) Lucida
    (63) Brown Teddy
    (71) Tick-Tock Thanks Mazz!
    (79) Guard Robot L
    (83) Elite Hoblin
    (83) Iron Mutae Thanks Mazz!

    (73) Puco
    (84) Dark Sand Dwarf
    (95) Saitie
    (132) Coolie Zombie

    (98) Master Soul Teddy

    I don't have a full list of available Familiars to compare to his collection, but the only three I am certain he lacks and is actively looking for are:
    Black Bird

    Maybe included are some of the new(?) ones in Gachapon.

    As they are merely renewals, I'd only pay 5M~10Mish for those in the first set. Obviously, the ones currently unowned are rare(r) and negotiation on price would occur for those.

    If you have other Familiars you think he might not have, I'd love to hear about it. I will be trying to compile more missing ones, but with only Maple Archive's full list to compare to, it might take awhile.

    I will probably try to shut the thread down before he gets back as to not spoil the surprise so this probably won't be up for too long, no longer than the week.
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    Just got an Iron Mutae you can have, trade Overthought in FM1 Channel 1 if you're online. I'll let you know if I get any others.

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    Good luck!



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