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    Didn't know where to post this, but eh. Some fellows I've been playing LoL with have got me interested in streaming, as I was hosted on several streams they had going over the past few days. The streaming culture intrigues me, and I think I would want to get into it for fun and feedback on my playstyle (I need LIVE constructive criticism). I've got an account ready to go with Twitch as soon as they transfer my account from, and I have been tweaking my practice OBS stream so that everything looks nice and positioned well. I even have a crudely designed splash with a scrolling "now playing" text of whatever I'm listening to, and I have to say everything looks nice. My computer specs are up to par for streaming, as should be my internet speed (tested at

    The question is: have you kind folks streamed before? If so, could you share any tips on how you got started? Lighting, viewer interaction, managing balance between plays and commentary, etc. I really don't feel confident being in front of people, but I mostly want to have small interactions with a few people and have fun with the whole thing. I don't want to do this for a living.

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    Just have fun with it. There are no rules to streaming, so do what you want.

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    The best tip anyone can give you, is one that was given just above me.
    Have fun. Watching people actually have fun are the best streams. Someone who is forcing it and trying hard to be entertaining and funny really isn't very entertaining to watch.

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    Alrighty, for anyone who cares:

    Dat stream

    Not too talkative, as my surroundings aren't the best (someone in the room right beside me, and I just ordered a headset today). Streaming ranked now, get ready for the plays.

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    If you want viewership you're gonna need to be at least plat. You're not a cute girl either so chances are you won't be getting more than 2 or 3 live viewers that just wandered into your channel to stay and watch

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    Lol okay? I'm doing it for fun, read the first post. Thanks.

    And by the way, I am a cute girl. PUH-LEASE



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