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  1. Default LADY GAGA - Venus

    uncensored version @ my tumblr: michaelhak.tumblr

    Was saving this for VENUS release, but since Do What U Want was released instead... I could not hold it in!

    A gaga-digital-reinterpretation of Botticelli's The Birth of Venus

    You might as well check out the uncensored version!

    also, I hope I don't get modded like I always do *sigh* lol

  2. Default Re: LADY GAGA - Venus

    Hahah! I didn't think you were going to post it here. Nice way to censor it.

    I saw the uncensored version in DeviantArt, I really liked it. Liked the idea of the seashell shield and weapon.

    I just noticed the heels, that's some great detail!



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