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  1. Default Hero-first post-RED Paladin/ Drk?

    I know the title sounds confusing so let me explain:

    From what I know, when you do a job change post-red, your HP doesn't change, right?

    Heros have the highest base HP of all adventurer warriors, right?

    So does it make sense (if you can be bothered) to make a Hero, get it to 200 and then change to Paladin/ DrK if you plan on maining those? It would take a lot longer, but the boost to your base HP might be worth it.

    It actually sounds ridiculously imbalanced to me, so could someone confirm if the HP stays the same?

  2. Default Re: Hero-first post-RED Paladin/ Drk?

    Why does it matter? All 3 adventurer warriors have high enough hp to tank DR @ empress with just some decent funding and all decent skills on, heck my Xenon can tank DR when red arrives w/o sacrificing any dmg for hp. Not to mention how most new high level bosses do % dmg, so it wouldnt matter there at all.

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    Default Re: Hero-first post-RED Paladin/ Drk?

    they barely have any more hp, if i remember right the extra HP they have is from job advancement (spearmen and pallies get MP)

    just dump some points into hp once you reach 190-ish and you're set.

  4. Default Re: Hero-first post-RED Paladin/ Drk?

    Yeah, so far as I know the difference is the 2nd job advance is ~400 hp for Fighters and ~150 mp for Spearmen/Pages.



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