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  1. Default Hayato: Inner Ability

    What's the best option here? Assuming I stick to Unique IA I think my options are like
    * 25 str
    * 5% boss
    * 32% buff duration
    * 13%? droprate/mesorate
    * 15% crit (haven't seen this one at all - I'm guessing 15%)
    * 15 att (haven't seen this either)

    I'm thinking the %crit is best, but not actually familiar with the later on buffs that would benefit from a duration increase.

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    Default Re: Hayato: Inner Ability

    % crit is the best until you reach 100% crit w/ Issen, which is quite easy.

    Then it juggles between +15 att (I'm doubting a static 25 STR will have a bigger impact than 15 att) and 5% boss for dmg, 13% drop rate for utility(such a random number nexon.)

  3. Default Re: Hayato: Inner Ability

    Buff duration is 32%, att is 15 afaik & drop rate/meso rate is 13%. I would go with Attack or boss dmg, seeing how critical is useless and w.att/boss > STR, dont think hayato needs buff duration.

  4. Default Re: Hayato: Inner Ability

    I would definitely go for att or boss. I calculated Hayato bonus attack from all skills and he gets a grand whopping total of 40, not including his hyper skill which only lasts 30 seconds anyways.. However, he has a LOT of total damage% modifiers. He needs all of the attack that you can possibly get. I really honestly believe that is why Hayato is as weak as he is (comparatively). The balance between w.att boosts and total damage% boosts in way off.

  5. Default Re: Hayato: Inner Ability

    Yeah I'm definitely seeing the attack deficiency now (partly cause I'm using a clean lv.60 weapon... y u no drop Katanas, Monster Park?) around level 90 I wound up with more %str than my total attack, so +atk > %stats atm...

    Is Issen called Hitokiri Strike?

  6. Default Re: Hayato: Inner Ability

    Yes, Issen is called Hitokiri Strike in GMS.



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