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    Default Lapkid - Pre-Evolution of Lapras

    Last time I made Pokemon art was when I was 12 or something. Now the X/Y hype kind of got me into watching pokemon videos etc. and one night I was thinking of how many 1st gen pokemons have gotten pre-evolutions already but then realized that Lapras still had no pre-evolution. Suddenly I just had to draw one... I was first going to just make a quick sketch of what it would be like but I ended up making custom sprites too. As the result this deformed Squirtle was born:

    It's called Lapkid. Coudn't find any origin for the name Lapras so I put -ras in a dictionary and found it means Ethiopian king or prince. That most likely has nothing to do with the name Lapras, but I ended up just replacing "-ras" with "kid". Lame I know, I suck at making pokemon names



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