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    So, I'm building a team where I can include Mawile in the bunch. Again, if I have not said this before, I'm kind of new in the whole competitive scene so I might not know everything about the game compared to back then (which was like 5-6 years ago...). I liked Mawile after I caught her and I wanted to put her in a decent team but there is a few issues about that

    Mawile's typing, as I said before, isn't the best but it's really great. Her weakness only consisting of just fire and ground, being able to face dragons with some ease, and has two useful abilities: intimidate and pure power (former is used when switched in and the latter is used when in mega form). Her moves simply consisting of play rough, sword dance, sucker punch and Iron head. Sucker punch is nice since it gives her some priority move and I could possibly put her as a revenge killer but then again...the speed. I feel that Iron head could be replaced with another move since Iron head does do damage but I kinda think Toxic could be a possible replacement but that leads to my question about teams...

    Problem is that I don't know what I should do to support her. With her lacking of speed, I could only see a few solutions to that. One solution for the speed problem is the surprising change that Blaziken can learn baton pass , I'm thinking of bluffing a mega evolution and SD + Protect until it's safe to baton pass to Mawile. Getting off topic a bit but Blaziken has to be put back to ubers if this is the case because Speed boost + SD + BP = sweep potential + mega bluff (pass those buffs to a pokemon say.....Gyarados, Aegislash, Heracross, etc and you got a scary sweep).

    Another solution is to use trick room as an alternative. I think bronzong or Malamar could fit the slot to use trick room but at the same time, it forces me to use some pokemon that have slow speed (i.e. Scrafty, Machamp, etc) in the party to fully utilize trick room despite it being 5 turns. I was wondering if the team composition I have so far is alright. :s

    Another problem is that is it better to put EV in Atk/Spd/Def or Hp/Def/SpD? It's a choice between bulky or be an All-out attacker....and I don't know how OU is going to be like with the new pokemon so....figuring out if OU/UU is going to have more attackers or Sp Attackers is uncertain for me atm....

    I know I could be putting this in a different site but I want to hear from SP since there are quite a handful of poke-fanatics in here. :3

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    Another solution is to have Screen support (and to a lesser extent, Wish support for some form of recovery)
    If you are forced to be slow may as well make sure you can take hits.

    If you use the Blaziken strategy then I would definetly recommend the offensive EV spread you have. No point in investing in defenses in that scenario, the point would be to hit hard and as fast as possible.

    Make sure you have Pokemon that can cover Mawile's weaknesses, and on-top of that Pokemon that can cover their weaknesses as well. For example (not saying this has to be your strategy) Mawile is extremely vulnerable to Fire attacks; so Gastrodon could be a good team-mate to switch in on Fire moves. But now you have a huge gaping grass weakness, including a Sap Sipper-mon can be helpful to counter that. Now you have some synergy in your team.

    Truthfully all the possible strategies have flaws that you have to work around. For example if you are using the Blaziken one his movepool will be extremely limited, and very vulnerable. He is pretty much forced to use Protect/Swords Dance/Substitute/Baton Pass leaving no room for an attacking move. You can always change Substitute or Swords Dance into Flare Blitz which I recommend but it still limits his abilities to stand on his own once Mawile is taken out.

    Some other ideas for team synergy/support:
    Levitate/Flying type to absorb Earthquake (which in turn might require a spinner, if your team becomes vulnerable to Stealth Rocks that is.)
    A pokemon that can induce T-Wave (this can make up for Mawile's speed.)
    Sticky Web (once again this can make up for Mawile's speed.)
    Stealth Rocks/Spikes (Mawile will have a HUGE problem with Sturdy-mons and/or Focus Sash. This can alleviate that problem.)

    If I think of any other ideas i'll edit it in. I'm not the best in the competitive scene but I hope my explanations help?

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    You could always use Sticky Web (although Defog might screw that up).

    Mawile + Salamence is a fearsome combination. They both have Intimidate, not to mention they cover each other's weaknesses.

    I'd run either HP/ATK or Speed/ATK, depending on your needs. Sucker Punch does a lot to alleviate her speed, though, you have to keep that in mind.

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    I was gonna say if spin blockers are needed but after what corn suggest:
    I think that answer is yes. xD It also change my mind on the whole Blaziken support thing. I could do a baton pass set but it's most likely*better for blaziken to have the old B/W set I've heard about.*

    I'm going to guess that a spin blocker like Gengar/Aegislash or a spinner like Blastoise/Starmie would be best for the team.

    And thanks! Any answer (as long as it has some benefit in the long run) is helpful. :b

    My best bet is to probably go speed/attack just in case I face fairy types, fighting types, or pokemon that can resist dark or bulky enough to resist a +1 sucker punch and need to use a stab iron head/play rough but I'll see how the end result of my team looks like. Thanks a bunches for the advice! :b

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    I've been running her with Slowbro trick room (also works as mega chicken counter, since everyone and their mothers use it) and also have suicide Gourgeist with trick room as well. Gourgeist learns explosion and trick room, so I just set the room up and boom on someone's face I need out of the match. Then switching into Mawile gives her free reign over the opponent. If they're slower than me, sucker punch. If they're faster, do whatever I want.

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    Iron Head in particular seems useful in a Trick Room environment for the flinch chance + STAB.

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    another good partner can be a bulky togekiss, or a pokemon with prankster+T-wave, don't need speed if everything on the enemy's team is paralyzed. and from what little i've seen of this gen, steel types are a lot more common now, and most threats are starting to be physical.

    bulky togekiss is able to take hits from fighters like it's nobody's business.

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    Default Re: Mawile

    I'm surprised this thread was "bumped" o.o. Well, I went to the team building thread and got my answers there. This is what I'm currently making if you didn't get a chance to look:




    Rapid Spinner

    3rd Attacker(?)


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    Just a random suggestion, but would a priority tailwind + u-turn/switch from Talonflame help?
    You have to be careful using trick room, it's a double edged sword. It's really high maintenance to keep up, and no hold item to prolong the effect. Opponents can also stall with protect and substitutes until the effect expires. Even though Mawile is pretty slow, there are a few things that are more powerful yet even slower than it. Not like many people use them, but Rhyperior and Steelix are huge physical tanks that can ruin its day.

    Anyway, maybe you can use a water type/rain support to soften up the fire and ground types, as well give you coverage for those.

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    Nevermind that Shuckle would find a Trick Room team to be hilariously good fun. But I've yet to run into anyone else who uses Shuckle...

    At any rate, if anything had to go I'd say Crobat. He adds more Stealth Rock and Electric weakness to the team without you having much to counter it (switch into Salamence + Earthquake?). It is unaffected by Sticky Web, though, which is nice. You don't seem to have many options to deal with bulky Water types - perhaps something like Venusaur with Black Sludge would work? Toxic+Leech Seed+Sludge Bomb/Venoshock+Grass move of choice/Rest maybe? It'd still give you a strong way to deal with Fairies while letting you soak up Toxic Spikes and wear down walls. Downside being that it opens you up to more Fire abuse.

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    Agility baton pass gliscor is also an option I think. I'm not sure if agility is breedable. But with immunities to ground/status effects/electric, it covers you from getting a status effect on mawhile or EQ. Plus they'll expect a tox stall not a passer.

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    Ever since they made sticky web Ive been trying out shuckle for my sandstorm team and Im honestly thinking of making him a full member of the team.

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    Level: 210
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    Default Re: Mawile

    I thought of using a trick room but it's like what you said....once it's gone, I'm stuck to using the priority move to survive (which isn't 100% bad since Mawile has insane attack stats but OHKO'ing a party is preferable). That is why I went with Sticky Web sorta-suicide lead.

    I would need pokemon that benefit from the rain besides Mawile (It'll make galvantula's thunder 100% and Gyrados (switching Crobat for Gyrados because I couldn't find a Crobat farm for me to get Infiltrator and IV train) and Starmie's water STAB more stronger but that's all I can think of.

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    There's actually an easy way to get a Zubat with infiltrator, even without the friend safari.
    In the Zubat roost/connecting cave, you can use honey or sweet scent to trigger a horde battle, and while in it, have something set up a substitute. And of course, whatever actually damages you is the one that has infiltrator. Unfortunately, supersonic goes through substitutes, but you won't really die from that.

    I'm not sure how you can make Crobat fit both roles as a staller support or a full out attacker. Toxic with Crobat will hit 100% and through substitutes. Toxic, Taunt, Defog/roost, and super fang? There's a lot of options to set up for him, that's for sure.
    If going as an attacker, Crobat can also work pretty well with a Nasty Plot set, if you can breed that onto him. His movepool for special attacks seems to be a bit better and have a bit more coverage. He can learn giga drain as an egg move, and heat wave from a generation 5 move tutor. Being extremely fast, you can get lucky with the flinch hax from air slash. And in rain, you can also abuse 100% hurricane... just too bad Crobat can't learn it.

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    Level: 210
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    Default Re: Mawile

    Well, I could try to do that...mayyybe. I'm still deciding between Crobat and Gyrados. Bulky Gyrados is still pretty decent when I'm not running a Mega Gyrados...I'm leaning towards Gyrados atm but I'll think about it after I breed Mawile and Salamence (since those two seem to go together like PB&J).

    A SpA'er Crobat? That was unexpected....because cross poison seems to be great for fairies (I had a few online matches where my non-IV Crobat killed a lot of fairy or grass types) and Brave Bird (with Black sludge) gives him a good revenge kill and runs away with U-Turn (if the person doesn't have a priority move). I think a SpA-focus Crobat will get people off guard but the set I have atm (Brave Bird/U-Turn/Roost/Cross Poison) makes him for a decent attacker. Then again, I'm not very knowledgeable with the SpA-focused Crobat. :s

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    It really depends what you team needs xD. In this generation, it really seems both physical and special sets will have a bit of trouble getting through without proper support. There are more moves and abilities that hinder and annoy physical sets, as well as specially defensive walls popping up here and there. Prankster sets and priority moves causes anyone trouble, probably more for Crobat.

    Crobat has the option of poison, nasty plot and maybe flinch hax(?) that can help him prevent getting walled by certain things compared to his physical sets. Though, I guess it's really just Heatran that does it. It's also lucky for Crobat that Steel-types lost their resistances to ghost and dark moves, so he can pick up either shadow ball or dark pulse, if he doesn't get heat wave.

    It might be a gimmick, but having something with intimidate + prankster will-o-wisp + possibly baby doll eyes sent out towards will annoy any physical attacker. On top of burn and baby doll eyes being a priority move that lowers an opponent's attack stat. It's stuff like this that would make Umbreon become a bigger stalling tank.



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