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    Just a place to post your battles, especially those with other Southperrians.

    Jed and I each chose a type unknown to the other and came up with a "theme" for this battle. This was the rematch - the first was a lot more one-sided due to him selecting Fighting...while my typing was Rock. I also realized a critical mistake in my movepool on Aerodactyl in game one that I corrected to great effect in game two. We both made some noteworthy misplays, and I later regretted choosing Scald over Surf for Omastar (would've made a difference vs Heracross).

    The rules we followed were:
    No same pokemon, no Uber/Legendary/Megas, no same item


    Jed (Fighting, "Toxic" theme): Hawlucha, Heracross, Blaziken, Chesnaught, Gallade, Scraggy
    MasPan (Rock, "Fossil" theme): Aurorus, Aerodactyl, Omastar, Kabutops, Bastiodon, Shuckle (technically not a fossil but I didn't have time to get my 6th fossil ready. Would've likely been Archeops)

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    VS Recorder code:

    MasPan vs @Razmos;
    MasPan: Klefki, Aerodactyl(M), Greninja, Shuckle, Goodra
    Razmos: Gourgeist, Crobat, Politoed, Gardevoir(M), Greninja

    Was a lot closer than I thought it would be. Parahax made it easy to set up a lot of Spikes early, but dodgehax bit me in the ass a bit later at a pivotal moment and cost me dearly. I'm really surprised at how well Shuckle performed, though a bit of that was just good luck/prediction. Even then, if not for Rocky Helmet, he would've been mostly irrelevant.

    Crobat stealing my Leftovers really caught me off guard and made me sad, incidentally. I was also really sad that the Politoed wasn't a Drizzletoed - I had to set up my own damned rain.

    Fun match Razmos. Let's do this again sometime.

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    Default Re: Southperry Battles

    Dat 5 turn paralyze. :'(

    You have a really good strategy, you really lucked out though having your Shuckle with Rocky Helmet when the only 2 pokemon I had left were physical attackers :P

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    Thanks! The missing pokemon on my team was a Hydration Toxicroak meant to heal up in the rain as well (minor Rain Dance theme). I still had my Goodra too (albeit asleep), but yeah. If that Thunder Fang had hit, I think Aerodactyl(M) could've swept most of what was left. Greninja with 3/4 HP vs a SE Tough Claws boosted Thunder Fang or a STAB Stone Edge...idk the math, but it'd be close. In retrospect an Earthquake probably would've taken out Politoed unless he's got some investment in DEF. I also lucked out severely in you not having a strong Fire or Ground attack to take out Klefki early. I really expected you to swap out your Gourgeist (awesome shiny btw) but I guess it would've been able to wall a bit better had any of the Shadow Forces gotten through Para earlier.

    Might be worth considering a support move on your Crobat, though how often do you run into Rocky Helm Shuckles...*Shrug*

    At any rate, it was a really fun (and kindof funny) match, I enjoy casual battles like that much more than "ERMEHGERD 31 IV ALL STATS MEHRTEHR"



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