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    Default Stupidity in action


    Once upon a time there was a beautiful land, then came the Big Mac-generation...
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    Default Re: Oh America...

    You can't really judge a country based off a few people.

    :l Hell I don't even litter cause in my mind, i think of that one ad where the cops are going to show up and, toss a truck load of trash in my living room

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    I don't understand the purpose of this thread.

    On the other hand, the comments on are hilarious.

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    i don't approve and im not even 'murican :T

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    ..I don't get it.

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    Default Re: Oh America...

    He... kinda has a point in regards to that thing being dangerous. If he knocked it over with so little effort, then after a few more years of weathering it likely COULD have fallen on someone.

    It's still not right to destroy something natural that people enjoy, but hey.

    When I watch this video I don't say "Darned Americans". I say "Darned fat stupid people with neckbeards and baseball caps" because I am aware that not all Americans are fat with neckbeards and baseball caps. there are a lot of them, but not all.

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    Default Re: Oh America...

    What? You guys totally misunderstood the title and the purpose of this thread. Title is "Oh America..." not "Typical fatass stupid Americans in action" or something. The people in the video are afaik Americans, that's the only reason for the title.

    The point here is that those formations whatsoever were there for thousands of years only for these retards to break them down. Although that's nothing new, ancient artifacts are destroyed all the time in riots and wars because there's always those inviduals who are just too freaking stupid and ignorant to understand or care about the value of something like that. And let's not get started with everything that multimillion companies and governments have destroyed...

    These kind of videos just frankly make my blood boil. I don't know, maybe some of you couldn't care less about stuff like rock formations, ancient articats etc. but I do. Sorry about that I guess?

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    Judging from how thin the base was as well as how large the top was, I wouldn't even give that particular rock 50years before it just snapped from further exposure and weathering.

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    I agree. I feel like it would have probably gone much better if he had informed the park of the loose rock and the danger instead of taking into his own hands. It is unlikely that it would have immediately fallen, and the park could have come up with a more long term plan (like securing the rock in place or carefully removing it). Still destroys the "natural" part technically, but you don;t get in trouble with the park and law then. This was on /r/wtp a few days ago, but I don't really find it too surprising. Of course people probably do mess with the formations occasionally, but most of them aren't dumb enough to make and post a video bragging about it. It might have gone over better if they had not initially celebrated the fact that they changed the valley and instead just said they did it to save lives.



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