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  • Kanto

    3 6.12%
  • Johto

    9 18.37%
  • Hoenn

    15 30.61%
  • Sinnoh

    4 8.16%
  • Unova

    5 10.20%
  • Kalos

    13 26.53%
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Thread: Favorite region

  1. Default Favorite region

    Out of all the main games, I'm kind of curious to know what everybody's favorite region is. Personally my favorite region in terms of design in Hoenn. I really think it fits the themes and ideas of RSE. Sinnoh comes in a pretty close though because I think it has the best soundtrack (RSE's soundfont is so atrocious). Kanto is probably my least favorite because pineapple Snorlax, pineapple the thirsty guardperson, and pineapple Rock Tunnel.

  2. Default Re: Favorite region

    Hoenn and Sinnoh were also my favorites, but I have not fully explored Kalos yet (only on 5th gym).

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    Default Re: Favorite region

    Crap, was meant to press Kalos but pressed Unova.
    I like Kalos a lot, I like the wide variety of areas available within it, including the spooky swamp and area filled with ruins which I found very atmospheric and nice.

    Kanto was plain, and could have been built on in the remakes, but wasn't.
    Johto was annoying to navigate, and was only slightly less plain than Kanto.
    Hoenn was nice, but lacked variety due to it being mostly tropical. It also had too much surfing with the slow as hell surfing speed of that gen.
    Sinnoh was boring. and I hated the amount of caves and the split between East and West, which was a pain to navigate.
    Unova was interesting and straightforward, but it was awfully dry and just not pretty enough, especially in comparison to the brightly coloured and pretty Kalos.

  4. Default Re: Favorite region

    RBY Kanto is still my favourite region.

    I have yet to play X/Y though.

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    Default Re: Favorite region

    Love Kanto and Hoenn. RBY and RSE were my favorite games, also really liking Kalos so far

  6. Default Re: Favorite region

    I'm pretty sure Gen III had one of the fastest surfing speeds (the entire game is actually really fast). I remember D/P had slow speeds, but then it was drastically increased in Plat. But I really like surfing (minus Tentacool) so maybe I'm just crazy.

  7. Default Re: Favorite region

    Kalos has the best layout now, though Lumiose was a gigantic mistake.

  8. Default Re: Favorite region

    I adore Kalos. There's SO much variety. Tropical coasts to the frozen mountains...Absolutely gorgeous. I was actually a huge fan of the marsh area, right before the fairy gym. Just all the scenery is so breathtaking, and then combine that with the amazing music and it's absolutely gorgeous.

  9. Default Re: Favorite region

    100% this.

    Dat variety and musics tho.

  10. Default Re: Favorite region

    I'm liking Kalos too.
    Maybe it's the 3d graphics and being able to move around more freely. It technically is still grid/tile based, but you can walk diagonally now.

    But anyway, there's a bit of rumors and speculations floating about on how Kalos isn't done yet. Maybe it's just me, but there's a big unexplored part at the central bottom of the map. They might add something extra there from events or be added in the Z version?

  11. Default Re: Favorite region

    Kanto for dat nostalgia but Kalos blows my mind. There is so much to it and the 3d nature of the content is amazing.

  12. Default Re: Favorite region

    Crap, at first I wanted to say Unova, but upon closer meditation, I still really love Johto. It offers a lot of culture and accommodates said culture with relevant mythology. And hey, it's the only region that connects to another. And also because of the strong Japanese influence there coupled with the fact that I'm such a hopeless weaboo.

  13. Default Re: Favorite region

    I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled what they did for BW2.

    @Zerard; Things in BW2 say that Unova is connected to Sinnoh in some shape or forms. If only GameFreak followed through.

  14. Default Re: Favorite region

    Hoenn and Sinnoh. Have yet to test BW and XY.

  15. Default Re: Favorite region

    Maybe... But the land mass itself isn't. Oh well!

  16. Default Re: Favorite region

    Unova = Johto > Hoenn = Sinnoh > Kanto

    ?????-Type = Kalos

    Nega Post: pomegranate Tier = Orre

  17. Default Re: Favorite region

    Thirsty guardperson was such a guide-damnit if you didnt happen to have the necessary items...

    I prefer Johto. I loved APRCRNs, I loved Sprout Tower (minus the bellsprouts), and I enjoyed the gym battles there the most. Except Miltank. Miltank can go pineapple itself.

  18. Default Re: Favorite region

    I still love Sinnoh the most, although I started with gen 4 so I'm pretty biased. Other than that, probably Kalos, although I haven't played X/Y yet.



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