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    Default Finding old lost pictures online

    There's that common saying that when you put something online, it's there forever. Of course that's not really the case, is it?

    The problem I have here is that when my old computer broke, I lost most of my screenshots and other stuff from 2007-2010. However, I had significant amount of them uploaded to a Finnish maple forum that no longer exists. Most of them were uploaded on the server of that site, so now when the server is down, I haven't seen the pictures since. I also linked many of my later Maple screenshots (from Yellonde) to Sleepywood, which is a larger site and should be archieved by some services. Also I believe many of those were uploaded to imageshack or tinypic, which means a portion of the pictures should be online, I just don't know how to search them.

    The question is, do you guys know any good ways to hunt lost pictures from the depths of the internet? Or is it near impossible now that the servers are down?

  2. Default Re: Finding old lost pictures online

    AFAIK unless someone downloaded and reuploaded those photos somewhere, if the original server is gone then they're gone. No different from pulling the plug.

    If the photo is still there somewhere, then usually I use Google Image for searches, but being stuff related to Maple it's difficult I guess.

    I'm... not sure about image-ripping archive websites.




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