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  1. Default Boss entry reset times.

    SO BASICALLY. I'd like to know if anyone knows the entry limitations to bosses. I know krexel is 2 every 24 horus, reseting after said 24 hours... But apparently Hilla is 2 per day, reseting at midnight? Same for root abyss, each boss is once a day, midnight reset.

    Anyone knows for the rest of the bosses?

  2. Default Re: Boss entry reset times.

    Von Leon has midnight reset, Zakum, Zipangu grandpa, Pap, PB and HT has 24h. Those I could think of at the top of my head.

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    Default Re: Boss entry reset times.

    (c)zak, (c)ht, hilla, root abyss, arkarium, von leon resets at 12am
    magnus, bodyguard, pap, and pb's quest for the marble resets in 24 hours
    cygnus and her instructors resets 1 week / 168 hours after your 2nd round (if you cleared them at 7.00pm on a sunday, you can only go in after 7.00pm next sunday)

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    Accidentally pom'd your post so switched it to a pineapple when really I am indifferent

    You can only enter PB as many times as you have the marble, which is either one, or two if you save a marble. But you cannot be the expedition leader twice in a row - unlike HT, disbanding and remaking exped doesn't change that. I've lost several marbles because of this.

  5. Default Re: Boss entry reset times.

    Actually, it's the same with Hilla, but the thing is that you can't be the same expedition captain twice... In the same channel!

    Of course, if the boss is restricted to one channel (not sure how PB works), you are out of luck...

  6. Default Re: Boss entry reset times.

    HT/CHT, Zak/CZak, Hilla/Hard Hilla, Ranmaru/Madman Ranmaru, Arkarium, Gollux, and Root Abyss are all midnight.
    PB/CPB, and VL quests reset 24 hours after you turn it in, but you can enter infinitely as long as you have the etc items.
    Normal Mode/Hard Mode Magnus, Bodyguards, Papulatus, and Krexel are 24 hours after your last kill for the day.
    Easy Mode Magnus and Empress Cygnus resets exactly 7 days after your last kill for the day.

    I think that's everything?

  7. Default Re: Boss entry reset times.

    Hard Magnus should be 7 days like Cygnus, unless that was changed?
    The rest are all correct though.

  8. Default Re: Boss entry reset times.

    The Knight's Magic Scroll quest for Von Leon is actually midnight reset now, not 24 hours.

  9. Default Re: Boss entry reset times.

    Oh yeah, you're right. Oops.
    Chaos RA is 7 days too, forgot about that.

  10. Default Re: Boss entry reset times.

    I think Krexel is actually either 24 hours after entry (with kill) or the first summoning or first death if you run twice. It definitely isn't 24 hours after last kill though.



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