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    I've been harvesting this idea for a while, and would like to know people's opinions, to see if there's enough interest.

    Everyone knows that the concept of a mule is a part of Maple Story. We used to have only 3 character slots back when the game started, but now some people even have dozens of mules (even in multiple accounts, cough, but we won't mention that), and it's hard to keep track of items, specially since some special event rewards like scrolls and whatnot are untradeable.

    The idea is to create a simple website. You register using any email and password, and then you can start adding your characters. The image is taken from the official rankings, as expected. You select the item tab, equip/use/etc..., and start typing the item you wanna register. As you type, there's a database of items, and there would be an autocomplete pretty much like Facebook's search. Register all your items, and voila. It's all graphical and nice.

    I guess you could add an option to share your mules information to other friends and accounts, but the idea is pretty much having control over your items. Currently I use an Excel file to keep control, but that sucks. I also have other ideas, like having caldendars for ongoing attendance items, so you can remember if you've done them in case you're doing many characters.

    Who's interested? Opinions?

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    That would be helpful.
    I just have a excel document with all the info about the log ins/items/ign's of my mules right now and it get's kinda messy with this much mules.

  3. Default

    I like it, though it's kind of obvious and i've been thinking about such a thing for a while but don't care to change the current notepad/excel method.

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    It would help. I'm currently lost over what items are in which mule >.>

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    I would love it.

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    I already have a pretty nice excel spreadsheet set up so I'd be too lazy to redo it all over again.

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    Y'all using excel, while i take ss's of my mules inventory and load them into photobucket

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    I have a Google Docs spreadsheet but I'd use this instead.

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    Default Re: MyMapleMule

    I used to use for this kind of thing.

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    Sounds like a pretty useful idea. You should make it!

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    *Sad face* I do not even use Excel.. that's how good my memory is

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    Devil's advocate here... what if this service has its database swiped?
    Now the guys know which characters have valuables on them and know who to target in the actual game.

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    Personal info doesn't have to be stored in the database: the website could log your info in a .csv/.xml/whatever file and let you download it/reupload when you want to update/view your info.

    A little more annoying to use, yes, but no danger in being breached.

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    The main issue with this is this turns "MyMapleMule" into Excel with a few more features such as sharing. There are also limits to using a flat-file approach.

    Neat idea though. Expect a PM bout stuffs @LegendGospel.

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    I'm glad there are people like you in the community who help others improve their gameplay in anyway possible.

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    The whole hook of the idea was that it has/is:
    1. Graphical interface
    2. Item autocomplete
    3. Extendable to include other features such as sharing

    Storing the data externally doesn't conflict at all with those points. If anything, making the information downloadable and compatible with existing excel sheets makes it more flexible if anything. Point being, using MySQL or something else is fine, but someone raised the issue of privacy concerns, and I tried to suggest a method of implementation to mitigate those concerns.

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    The points he brought up are really nice and would make an amazing service for us. Your point makes sense as well, was just expressing the /few/ concerns with it briefly.

    PM'd Legend with some more information and tips as well to avoid taking away from the topic of his thread. Thanks as well though. :)

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    If they can get into a database to get the info they can certainly get into flat files. More so in fact since the flat files would have to be somewhere downloadable whereas a database only has to be accessible to the server itself ( user -> website -> db, not user -> db) , not the entire internet. And of course if you're storing the flat files in a database you've hit the threshold of absurdity because you then have all the flaws and none of the advantages.

    The bottom line is regardless how your personal information is stored by a 3rd party, if that 3rd party is breached your info is more than likely public. There is no sugar coating that fact. Even if it's encrypted if your security was so bad they got in at all, they probably got any necessary keys too and/or can brute force it since most reversible encryption can be broken with a few GPUs now days.

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    (Disclaimer: I'm certainly nothing close to an expert, but) What I meant by my suggestion is that the flat files would only be generated and stored on the client side (e.g. using AJAX). The website would only provide a framework for the UI and never logs any of the personal info. If the information is never stored on the server, then it can't be breached for that info*. I'm guessing that begs the questions as 'Why would anybody would want such an inefficient way of storing things for a little more eye-candy?" and "Why not just make a standalone executable / Excel add-in or something?"... but I think that's outside the scope of what I intended to answer. :d

    *Stated within my limited knowledge. Scripts don't really have much of any security to speak of, so I'm at least assuming there's no direct way to take what isn't there.

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    There's also no way to export or use what isn't in there, so the entire concept becomes circular and pointless. The website does nothing at that point if everything is already on your machine. Even if you stored all your info on your machine, you'd effectively be uploading that info to the server to get the server to do anything with that info for you, and you'd only have their word regarding what they do with that info and how it gets used or whether it's getting saved or who can eavesdrop on the connection. That's effectively all over again.



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