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    So, this girl I like was upset and feeling alone and all that jazz. I made her this, because Eevees. Lots of them.

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    It was attached with this message.

    "Pretty little thing such as yourself shouldn't be feeling lonesome, specially when she's surrounded by so many damn Eeveelutions.

    Stay happy. : )"

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    Woo her with you artistic ways, Loose!

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    Default Re: Eeveelutions

    Oh god this is too adorable.

    She'll be so happy to see this, I'm sure! <3

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    Its a great picture, and thats a lovely message, but why no Eeveelutions past 2nd gen?

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    Oh, she only asked for those evolutions. I also offered a Sylveon but she declined.

    Anyways, she answered me back almost immediately with:

    "owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Y_Y"

    <3 : D

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    Umbreon was always my favorite.



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