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    I've been working on characters for a short baraish homoerotic manga. Hoping I can make it happen sometime in the near future. :x


    Would like to upload their underwear versions, but I think that's a bit suggestive for SP rules...
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    Aw, they're all so adorable! I really like your lines and shading too. :>

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    I love your shading style and those facial expression are awesome.

    Good luck with this project, even though I don't know what bara means.

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    The guy in the background reminds me of Studio Ghibli characters when they laugh. (I wish I could find an example)

    I always love your shading!

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    Make @Tay; read it!

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    Your style is awesome!

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    Thanks a ton!

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    All credits to you, Tay...



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