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  1. Basic2 Best Multi Class "Leveling" Set

    With the release of almost all of the classes I am looking to do some major leveling over these next few weeks.
    My plan is to get a number of classes to level 100+. Each class taking under 10 hours to get to 100 and if I'm using 2x then possibly in 5 to 6.
    (For those of you who don't think this is possible go watch livestreams of people doing it regularly).

    My question is what items would be best for doing this for multiple classes?
    Obviously the items can not be class specific and need to be equip-able at relatively low levels.

    I'm looking for a quick and dirty but also moderately detailed list, not just "good att. work gloves" because that is a little obvious. Basically looking for a list of all equips and stats I can get that are cross class and help out the most from 1 to 100. Funding is around 1.5b.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

    (Furthermore, if leveling to 100 in 5-10 hours with only 1.5b isn't plausible then simply let me know please).

  2. Default Re: Best Multi Class "Leveling" Set

    From what I remember, I only used 10att wg and evo rings and that was enough to level fast. I don't think anything else helps speed up the process since changes would be barely noticeable. It's more where you train than how funded you are o.o

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    Default Re: Best Multi Class "Leveling" Set

    Evo and Absolute Rings, Absolute Shoulder, election balloon cape (chaosed as high as possible), bug-eyed frog hat

    But it really doesn't take much to 1-hit everything up to level 100. Other than that what can help you level faster is HS and other Exp multipliers (potion, mercedes link skill, guild skill), Kishin Shoukan, and knowing exactly where to train or quest or use Tot's level-up for each level.

  4. Default Re: Best Multi Class "Leveling" Set

    Monster Park Extreme would be an exception.



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