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Thread: ProjectOMS

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    Dear fellow maplers

    We are here to discuss the matter of bringing back Maplestory to how it once was. Back when level 70 was an achievement. Back when Zakum and Horntail were the deal and they were done in actual parties. Back when raw power did not depend on your real-life paycheck.

    Why are we doing this?
    Short answer: We loved the old Maplestory before Big Bang and Potential was introduced and we would like to bring back these times.

    We have come to see that a lot of the old Maplestory community would still like to play the game but do not completely agree with the new patches and the way the game has turned out so we are trying to give everybody a new chance. A new chance to experience what we believe was the pinnacle of Maplestory. Even if you did not play back then there is still a chance you would enjoy the old Maplestory.

    Now you are probably thinking: But at what point was Maplestory the greatest? In what patch will this glorious, well-thought masterpiece begin the journey of the decade?
    Well. We have been talking a lot back and forth, both between the two of us, but also with other players. We have come to the conclusion that the best point to begin the server would be around v62 (GMS patch list)
    This is the very patch where the almighty Pirate was released. At this point there both 4th job, Leafre, CWK, a ton of PQ’s, Horntail and Zakum.

    Of course this matter is a huge subject of discussion and is bound to change according to what the future playerbase (you, hopefully) thinks.

    Where do we plan to cut the line?
    We can probably all agree that we are going to cut the line before potential and Big Bang. That means no Dual Bladers, no CZAK and no CHT. (Please look at “Patching”)
    Where exactly the patches will stop arriving is up to you. Personally we would like Evan and Aran to accompany us on OMS, but if the playerbase thinks otherwise, this as well is negotiable.

    Currently we believe that patches should arrive once every 1 to 2 months depending on the content. This way we will still have something to look forward to instead of having everything the moment we start.

    Let us move on to the technical part. We have tried to look into this, but since neither of us is experienced in programming, we are not certain on this part. Some of the things implemented after Big Bang would suit perfectly fine on a pre-BB server. For example: We are very fund of some of the new bosses, such as Chaos Horntail and Chaos Zakum, but also some of the new content updates such as Chryse and 1024x768 resolution (Not the new UI though).
    Here comes the tricky part. We do not know how much effort Nexon wants to put into this server. It could either be a copy of GMS/EMS before Big Bang or something different with the best from each region. We do not know if the developers would be able to/want to sort out certain “content” from the patches.
    *For example: Implementing the Resistance classes without ever implementing anything else from the Big Bang patch.
    *Please note: This is just an example and does not reflect our opinion.
    Since the private servers seem to manage patch-editing quite well, we do not see why this would not be possible. But that would require a bit more work from Nexon’s side. This would also require a way to determine what should be implemented and what should be left out. If we get more info on this case we have some ideas for how that is going to work.

    We also have to take the client into consideration. Will this server be a SEA, GMS or EMS client or will it be a mix-up or something in its own class? We believe the GMS client would be best suited for an oldschool server since it has a better patch progress than EMS. (EMS got KoC before pirates, therefore no pirate gear shops)

    Now you’re probably wondering: Is there any chance of this actually happening?
    Yes there is! (Otherwise this would be a significant waste of time)

    - Why is this so?
    Because this is not the only specimen of its kind. Both Runescape and Ragnarok Online has succeeded in gaining an oldschool server. They both fought to acquire an oldschool server and we plan to do the same!

    We also believe there are plenty of supporters out there. We just need to unite them and fight for OMS!
    Here is a compilation of some comments gathered from Maplestory videos on Youtube. All of these comments were found in a matter of minutes on 5 different videos. Some of them may be old, but that does not make them any less valid.

    How are we planning to make this server come true?
    Once we have gathered enough information, suggestions, opinions and signatures we will start producing the final product and ask kindly for the forum mods of the official forums to include it in a report and bringing it one step further into reality. From there we can only hope for the best.

    To show the amount of supporters we have created a petition to gather signatures. If you support our cause please sign here.

    Please note:
    This is not a petition for a private server of any kind. Our goal is an official server hosted by Nexon. Anything else than that is not something we are striving for since it would be illegal and we have no intentions to play on such a server.

    We would like to point out, and we cannot stress this more, that this server will be made and designed for the people who enjoyed Maplestory as it was back in the days. This means that if you like Maplestory as it currently is then this thread might not be suitable for you. If you however still want to support this cause, feel free to do so.

    And for the love of Zakum, please stick to constructive criticism. If you have an opinion or wish to share, please provide a reason for your suggestion, criticism or idea. Random flaming and off-topic discussions will not help anybody.

    Either way; Thanks for reading and please post your thoughts and suggestions.

    FAQ can be found here.

    ~ ProjectOMS

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    back to basilmarket please

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    t0p kek

    there's a reason why the game has evolved. don't fool yourselves with that waste of time

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    honestly I would spend my time on supreme/ibara instead oms... I don't see any point of going back at this moment

    sadly i like the way the game has been evolving by the time...

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    You sure youtube comments are really the best source of credible information/opinion?

    Yea. Fun. Whoooo

  6. Default

    The comments are mainly to prove a point.

    We have in the discussion progress thought about some good things and bad things about Maplestory and if we really remembered it as to be that good. Our conclusion is that Maplestory would not be the same but it would be an improvement and would still be fun to play.

    We appreciate your comment and your sight on how Maplestory has developed and how it would be.

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    I thought discussing private servers wasn't allowed here.

    I mean hell this pomegranate has already been done like fifty times

    Anyone with a search engine can find source code for version sixty two servers

    this already exists

    it has been done to death by the community over and over again

    there are old school servers and they have almost all failed

    Nexon wouldn't do this.

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    Did you even read the original post? This isn't about a private server. It's about a nexon sponsored server. >_> You're giving mixed messages in your post...LOL

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    A significant amount of people who are still interested enough to play maplestory wouldn't even move away from aliens (before they got nerfed) because the exp was "bad" elsewhere.

    And you think there are enough people to make something like this worth doing?

    Good luck is all I have to say.

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    wow what is wrong with you. where is your shame?

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    wow what is wrong with you. where are your reading skills? he posted an explanation just above your post 3 hours ago.

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    You should probably ask those who you took clips from for your video for permission first. It's kind of a good thing to do, and more than likely nobody will turn it down.

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    Oh my god I am so done.

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    I don't understand why everyone is so angry. Given the amount I see people complain about the old MapleStory being better over the years I would have thought something like this would interest people.

    Personally I would prefer the old game came back if it meant going back to the days of no potential and the cash shop not being a big pineapple you to game balance.

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    MSEA still does it.

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    It is just the way the world works. Most people get annoyed and even agry at individuals or groups that go out on crusades based on reasons deemed faulty, and doing it with big arse nostalgia glasses on is even worse.

    There is not a single serious veteran, especially here, that does not miss the old Maple, but most of us know that there is not a chance in hell that the clock could be turned back in a meaningful way.

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    That is a good point and I can understand better thinking of it from this point of view. This topic has gotten me thinking though.

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    In my opinion the game was more fun then only because after 3 years, Nexon has yet to figure out a balance or stance on how the game will be played post big bang. I don't think reverting back to pre big bang or getting a server post big bang will bring back the past players that we had then, which is what made it great for me. The community then was less obnoxious as the community now, it's a fact.

    You put a lot of effort in this project but I think you should focus on bringing in content that we had then to the current version of Maple Story. Little things like making anego, bigfoot, grandpa, relevant again (buff up their hp and exp by a ton), bringing back old NLC, and bringing back hang outs like Kerning City (remove the PQ from portal), bring back old PQ's like Carnival PQ, perhaps PVP, and etc would make a difference to me. Also as I've suggested before, reduce Cash Shop item enhancements prices by 50%.

    Regardless, it's all just an open message board idea/suggestion and the last time Nexon listened to game changing suggestions will be the first time.

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    "Beautifully drafted. Consolidated as of 16th October for viewing and consideration, stay tuned to our web news for updates. Thank you for the effort."

    Maple Global:
    *thread locked*



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