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Thread: Smite shield

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    The description says "Any enemies struck will temporarily lose all buffs and buff effects." Now, things like super def or damage reflect qualify as buffs?

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    Before unleashed it would be able to take out Von Leon's DR, but after that patch it didn't :s

    I'm not sure about other bosses though, I use it more as a preventative measure than a cure when it comes to "buffs" anyway.

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    If it works the same way as Xenon's bind, it'll cancel super DEF up but not damage reflect.

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    Got to 170 and tried it a bit, seems it doesn't work on Hilla's DR nor on Krexel def up

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    Funny, I never noticed Xenon's bind canceling anything, but it's probably because I only use it on bosses like the post above me said.

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    It took me quite a long time to figure out it actually cancelled buffs xD I had been using it the same way as all the other bind skills, cast it before a boss does anything in order to prevent it from happening, but (aside from damage reflect) it is way more useful as a method of removing buffs.

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    Yeah, that's pretty much how I did it too. I never even saw it working on CHT, so I gave up on it anyways. I should probably just ask which bosses does it even work on at all? (the removal of buffs).

    edit: Well I suppose I don't doubt the removal of regular buffs but the super def up part looks really iffy, probably only works on a rare number of bosses.



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