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Thread: [In Progress] Hot Day: 10/12

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    No thanks Nexon, having that many free slots in my inventory is already worth more than that junk.

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    Because you totally can't drop the items, right?

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    Could have fooled me into thinking this was for MapleSEA. Don't go down that path, GMS, these things aren't worth it.

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    The AP reset scoll will be useful; I can lose the 113 STR on my wind archer now.

  6. Default

    This is pathetic.

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    Yes, yes it is. I've never seen a worse hot-time than this.
    Hot-times are the only sole reason I still log in (I don't even know why).
    But I can't even get myself to do this one.

    Who would want this? (The equips that is)
    Only the AP reset would be usefull and that's still very limited with how many people want this.

    Nontheless, free items are free items and we shouldn't complain.
    I'm a hypocrit.

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    Expectation: I can finally log in and snag some cool stuff!
    Reality: :|

    Maybe Nexon's desperation is finally showing?

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    Maybe they're trying to get people to log in less often

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    If this keeps up I think we can expect a huge patch soon to try to control the situation and then, after it fails hard, we can probably kiss this game bb

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    They said RED would be coming before the year ends, so that's something to look forward to, but yeah, there definitely needs to be some sort of decent filler content between then and now. I'm still anticipating a patch on the 16th but they haven't posted any highlights yet, so who knows...

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    Regarding this and the "event" recently added: Nexon could at least make the dropping equips and the Hot Time equips Tempest or Pinnacle equips, I know they aren't worth major mesos or anything, but at least the set effect is useful for new players so that they might see Hot Times in the same light some of us older players see them as.

    An admission, I am actually after the Tempest Set to equip one of my mules; it's a Thunderbreaker (blue-themed), I have the purple Pinnacle Set on my Nightwalker already. Not that my argument is any less valid when tinged with selfishness, but I'm sure there are many people that also like to equip their mules.

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    I bet we'll get Halloween Events + Gollux.
    Since they posted images on their tumblr of gollux, and the GM npc dressed in halloween costume.

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    RED will have a Red Revolution set as well.
    I do agree that the equips should be Tempest or Pinnacle, or maybe even 8th Anniversary gear.

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    If they changed this to maybe... 2 Pieces of empress armors I don't think it'd be a horrible hot time... They'd at least get their online numbers up.

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    Yeah the servers would probably explode.

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    Yea lets make that gears price even lower!

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    Lol called it

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    If anyone cares, the crimson stuff comes epic on reveal.

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    It wasn't even that hard of a guess to begin with.



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