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    Hello, I was working around with the Photoshop and I done this...

    It's unfinished, I want to add a font but I really don't have the confidence to pull it right now u_u.

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    if you want critic, it all looks very good except (obviously) the blank black space where he text is gonna go i assume, and the coat looks a bit stiff under the absol. the background could use some more definition i think.

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    I hate doing fonts in signatures. Always one of, it not the hardest parts of making signatures and other pictures with font.
    One guide I saw just used some pixely looking font, and that worked pretty well with my signatures since they are usually focused on one color, so adding in the text is easy, like on my Yveltal sig. But on my mega absol sig I decided to experiment, and I think it turned out alright. I basically tried to look for something that kinda fit the theme, so for yours maybe look for a font that is kinda fancy'ish, then add some like fog or something, idk.

    Font is hard, that's why I stuck to one type for so long :(

    Also one thing I want to say about the picture is in the middle there's what looks like a line, or a change in color between the top and the bottom. So yea. Also, if you shorten it horizontally a bit you can make it look more focused on the absols, and then maybe add font below the pokemon absol, or a bit below and to the left of it.

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    Thanks for the critiques, I did a V2 with the changes, I decided to leave it without fonts.



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