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    Default Could it just be Nexon marketing strategy?

    The more I think on how long Evo World and Chaos Root Abyss has been broken, no drops, the more I am starting to believe this could of been some kind of Marketing Strategy to generate MORE NX from a declining population. It seems there has been less than 3 weeks in the last 4 months that Nexon has not had some form of CS GAMBLE SURPRISE SPIN/BOX that holds these drops. They used to at least spread it out every 2-3 months. Even Empress was broken at the beginning of Unleashed for a week I believe, where she dropped nothing but I am sure they would realize that her drops are not really that valuable compared to the other 2 areas and if they had left Cygnus Empress broken at the same time as the other 2 there would of been 5x more unrest among its users. Yes I know there is no way to prove any of this, just was curious if anyone else had thought the same or its just my paranoia.

  2. Default Re: Could it just be Nexon marketing strategy?

    Haven't we pessimists already discerned that every single thing that Nexon does is to generate more profit, most of which involves morally detestable actions that have a negative impact on the game?

    Well, at least I have.

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    I am 100% convinced that all of this is intentional, and that the drops were removed in order to force an NX-gamble buy in for them. Think of it, what the hell are the odds that Evo world, hard magnus, and EVERY SINGLE chaos root abyss boss drops everything EXCEPT their actual meaningful equips? Also, changing drop tables takes a grand total of 10 minutes, it doesn't require a patch, and there is no excuse for it being like this for so long, or even for a week. Nexon is milking it for everything that it's got, and for some reason are terrified at the thought of players obtaining them legitimately through in game means. They have this weird mindset that it will affect their profits (Despite the fact that those equips must be upgraded via scrolls that cost 10 dollars a pineappleing piece). It's ludicrous.

    They are feigning ignorance about the whole thing and remaining completely silent about it. Which only accelerates the uncertainty and doubt amongst players, thus the ghost town of a game you see today. We're not DYING yet, but we're getting the warning signs of a very fast decline. Something needs to be done, and quick.

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    Of course this is intentional. This is the only reason why they would let the empress summons in the GM events. And the "coincidental" nx items that allow you get the items not available via normal means? I highly doubt it's a coincidence. They're definitely making trying to milk this out and make the most amount of profit from it.

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    Seeing as how there has been at least one nx method for obtaining almost all of the gear that currently can't be obtained in game for almost the entire duration of this "glitch", I'd say that stands as fair proof that Nexon is at least exploiting there own game's flaw(s). I wouldn't, yet, say that it was a planned effort, but it certainly looks that way.

    On that note, isn't there like...laws against this kinda thing in the United States? Not from the States, so I don't know, but where I'm from legal action could theoretically be taken against the company if enough evidence and people are found to support it.

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    I think you're right, I thought they purposely bugged RA after unleashed to squeeze in a last marvel... turns out they just never fixed it so people would buy philo books/gach/marvel spins :/

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    Default Re: Could it just be Nexon marketing strategy?

    You got it. They obviously wouldn't intentionally remove some items to have them be exclusively obtainable through NX, but they ARE offering them through NX as a way to exploit this catastrophe.
    It doesn't seem like they are making much of an effort to fix the problem either, or else they'd engage in a dialogue with the players in identifying just what the problem is.

    Hm...actually I have some questions. When did this start happening? Did both drop issues start happening at the same time, or did one come some time after the other?

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    It has nothing to do with marketing?

    It's obvious that they're doing it intentionally to make more money like everyone said though.

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    I think they're pandering a different way. In Korea they pandered to the population with crazy scrolls and a new enhancement type that grades everything as a superior item when enhanced. What are they doing to Global? Well the same thing they've done since they began with Gold/Silver Chests way back.

    It really seems like it's some sort of ploy or some direct intervention by someone in Korea. Especially since how cheap Root Abyss gears are in KMS currently and all.

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    As I've said before, Nexon doesn't have a creative thought working for them at their development/production team.

    I do think it was planned, but they could have left the drops as they were, even Magnus remove that coin nonsense and have it drop gear, and perhaps actually fixed Horntail and Chaos Horntail's drops while they're at it.

    To increase Karma Koin sales:

    Permanently drop the price of Super Cubes to 1k per cube.
    Permanently have all cash shop scrolls available.
    Bring back week/biweek/month exp/drop cards.

    I understand not bringing back permanent hyper rock and secondary pendant, that obviously hurts them but doing those three above, while leaving the drop tables alone, the sales would go up exponentially in my opinion. The game would still be very active and Walgreens would be out of stock on cards. Shielding wards used to be 11k NX I believe, so it wouldn't be the first time Nexon has dropped price on a CS item and dropping the price on their top seller, would make it an even bigger sell. Most people don't even touch the Super Miracle Cube because let's be honest, with the exception of cubing weapons, what are the chances you're going to get the stat you're looking for in 11 cubes (19k NX)? It goes to show there are ways to increase your profits while maintaining player satisfaction. I mean isn't that the best way to have sales, by not pissing off your players so that they don't walk away and go to League of Legends or what ever pomegranate is "it" these days?

    But Nexon has this backwards thinking and instead managed to piss off the players by messing with the drop rate, still keeping these insane CS rates just to upgrade their character, and resulting in many people leaving the game for other games. Who ever is Nexon's consultant needs to be dropped like a hot potato. My random guess is they hired an ex mapler that was hacked before to consult for them and is now out to destroy them internally.

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    What depresses me is it is believable. I really don't have any trust in Nexon when it comes to this given there has been patches since this started and many other harder things to fix such as dodge skills being screwed have been resolved.

    It just feels to me that they are going to keep releasing new bosses but deliberately leave the profitable ones broken in some way. Just like how both of our hits still have drop limitations from years ago while other versions had these removed.

    I hope they enjoy watching their own game crash and burn in NA by making it it impossible to actually play the game the way it is meant to be played.

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    Default Re: Could it just be Nexon marketing strategy?

    It's not just the bosses though,

    1. Faulty system autobanning people for no reason and GMs banning people for "Random names" and "advertising (posting youtube links)". Heck they even banned someone for polite criticism of Nexon at the forums...
    2. Ridiculous and long swear filter which makes normal convo impossible.

    It's like they're trying to drive away or ban all their most loyal players and customers. Like they're really trying, for the first time, to kill gMS.

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    Default Re: Could it just be Nexon marketing strategy?

    Nexon doesn't run a game anymore, they run their own personal multi-million dollar bank.

  14. Default Re: Could it just be Nexon marketing strategy?

    why this subject keeps coming up is beyond me

    make a "Nexon is **** because ____" thread and get over it

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    I believed this ever since a week passed after evolving world drops were broken. They clearly have the ability to fix/change/remove/add drops. They had NO issue fixing pink bean when it started to drop chtps, but when stuff drops that players can make a profit off of if they work hard enough and can use that as a means to get NX instead of paying for it themselves they got together and thought it'd be a wise idea to just label it as broken and assume players who now had the ability to work/farm for their currency like in every other mmorpg (Yes, this also includes other NEXON mmorpgs. This is really only a huge issue when it comes to maplestory) would go back to buying NX.

    I also believe this is why they never bothered to implement additional options, a completely free boost, and now soul weapons*.

    Maybe it's just me being cynical but oh well..

    *I have no idea when the release of soul weapons actually fits in to the timeline of content release

  16. Default

    Long before the content we have now that's for sure.

  17. Default Re: Could it just be Nexon marketing strategy?

    Although it's true that they use said method to exploit the players, I see it also more like a manipulative way to force players to use new content.
    Breaking content so players move to new ones. Same thing happens with classes.

  18. Default Re: Could it just be Nexon marketing strategy?

    What new content? GOLLUX? Hahaha, oh, you're funny.

  19. Default Re: Could it just be Nexon marketing strategy?

    I don't know what Gollux is.
    I was kinda referring content like Battle Arena, Evolution Lab. Places you could potentially make profit, but later got closed or nerf by Nexon.

    I haven't logged in maple for a couple months, I'm not sure why you felt the need to say that.
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    Default Re: Could it just be Nexon marketing strategy?

    Then you don't know what a world select screen is, cuz hes advertised there pretty well.



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