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  1. Default Confused with the revamped Dawn Warrior

    Hey guys,

    I recently started playing Maple again after a two-month break, and am totally confused about how the revamped Dawn Warrior weapons work.

    I currently have a Stonetooth sword equipped, 2-handed, fast attack speed and 101 weapon attack. Now whenever I equip my 1-handed weapon, which is also fast attack speed, but has 20 weapon attack more, my range decreases by about 1k.

    I've read on some other forums that the multipliers for both weapons are different, but I am still confused about what the best choice of a weapon would be. Would it be 1-handed or 2-handed?
    Also, do Dawn Warriors reach the attack speed cap easily? I have been thinking about getting a Cursed Kaiserium, but since it's attack speed is normal, I'm not so sure about it anymore.

    Thanks for taking your time to read, have a good day :D.

  2. Default Re: Confused with the revamped Dawn Warrior

    They only use 2h swords.

  3. Default Re: Confused with the revamped Dawn Warrior

    I noticed the range difference the other day while browsing the FM. A 1H sword with 11 more attack and decent potential lowered my range about 4k, compared to my Stonetooth. I am not quite sure of the numbers behind this, because multipliers (in my mind) wouldn't make that much of a difference between 1H and 2H. However, if you already have a 2H sword that you have invested in, then I suggest keeping it, since you can get a secondary equip for Cygnus Knights called Ereve Brilliance, I believe. This item can receive potential (and be shared between characters, if you were to get a good potential that is viable on other characters), and still be equipped when you are wearing a 2H sword, so you aren't losing a whole lot from 1H + Shield. As far as reaching speed cap, I want to say yes, IF you are using the solar attunement or Equinox Cycle. This gives you +2 attack speed on top of your booster. Normal weapons are 4 and 5, correct? At 5, the booster and solar buff will bring you to the cap. Even at 6, you will reach the cap.


    They were changed to use both 1H and 2H swords. They originally only used 2H, but this changed (while they were still in Tespia? I don't know the time frame).

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    They still give out 2h swords in boxes and s'hit. They have a lot of weapon speed regardless so it's always the better option.

  5. Default Re: Confused with the revamped Dawn Warrior

    I see. So I'd be fine with a Cursed Kaiserium if I were to only use the Solar buff, but I would need a faster weapon if I were to use the other one (forgot it's name, it's the fire one I'm talking about).

    Also, what I noticed, is that whenever I use the Equinox Cycle, the attacks have a little bit of a delay between each, making it not seem to be worth using. Is this because it's only at level 1, or maybe a latency issue?

    Thanks for clearing things up so far!

    EDIT: I just read your post again, saying something about the secondary weapon. Am I able to use that secondary weapon along with a shield? Cause it seems to be way better to just get a 2-handed weapon and the secondary weapon instead of a 1-handed weapon and a shield.

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    I believe a dawn warrior can reach the speed cap with the sun buff on using a normal-6 weapon regardless, so a 2handed sword with the off-hander would be the better choice IMO.

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    Alright, then I guess I should get myself one of those sweet Cursed Kaiseriums :D

    Thanks for the quick replies people, much appreciated!

  8. Default Re: Confused with the revamped Dawn Warrior

    I have also notice a delay between attacks when using Equinox Cycle, due to the mechanic of cycling between buffs in a very short amount of time, coupled with latency. I mostly notice it when using the 1v1 attack, as spamming that same skill with only the lunar buff active attacks MUCH MUCH MUCH faster. However, I suppose it still comes out better in Equinox Cycle due to the 40% bonus damage from the solar buff.

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    Default Re: Confused with the revamped Dawn Warrior

    @Macho; don;t expect it to come cheap o.o

    @Foolyz; Speeding Sunset alone is bonkers...

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    Definitely not cheap, but I still have a ton of items to sell so I can easily afford a nice set of STR gear and a Kaserium :D

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    As far as I know the multipliers are 1.2 and 1.34 so a bit more than 10% higher range from the same total w.atk.

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    Default Re: Confused with the revamped Dawn Warrior

    Nowadays people will go for 2 hand because of the higher weapon multiplier, also because secondary weapons can still be equipped regardless one hand or 2 hand.
    In the olden days you wear 1 hand because of the shield which can be scrolled with weapon attacks (and more equips, means more potential lines, same concept as top + bot versus overall). But nowadays that your weapon attacks can go as high as 700-1000+, the 20-30 attack from shield becomes not significant compared to the weapon multiplier difference.



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