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  1. Default Damage limitations (?)

    I'm surely missing something but I can't really figure what.
    Problem: the strongest players in ems (one is shown in the video below), who actually have very high stats, can't do scratch on bosses like chaos root abyss. The kaiser in question ( *cleared that boss damage is working properly*), with about 800k range, 180%boss and an actual pdr calculated to be around 82% (so if chaos Von Bon's def is 180% as I recall, his final damage is 67% of the regular hits), can't deal more than 2,3m lines gigas. Direct result of this is we can't kill anything of the sort (chaos RA, hard magnus aka no legit lv150 gear for us).
    Watching the vid of the almighty 2m-2m kms kaiser (he deals 35m gigas lines), the numbers do not match in the slightest. I can't get out of this, can anyone solve this problem? Thanks.

  2. Default Re: Damage limitations (?)

    The 2m-2m range is a visual cap. The kaiser hitting 35m gigas lines probably has a much higher range than 2m-2m, it just isn't visible to players.

  3. Default Re: Damage limitations (?)

    Yes but 35m would require a range of roughly 10m, which based on the stat window shown would come off as the result of like 35k str and 3k attack (correct me if I'm wrong), I guess/hope that's impossible even for the impossible-is-nothing kms o_o.

  4. Default Re: Damage limitations (?)

    Miraculous enhancements.

    Also implying 0% boss.

  5. Default Re: Damage limitations (?)

    I don't see the problem other than the fact that the person in the video has no idea how order of operations works.

  6. Default Re: Damage limitations (?)

    Just realized a funny fact. Maple Story has been literally the only practical application in life that I've found about operation order.



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