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Thread: Am I safe?

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    Default Am I safe?

    Due to problems with my computer (again) I had to do a factory reset on my desktop and it turned out fine. However, after installing Windows updates, Flash Player, Firefox (+Ad Block) and Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+, Ad Aware blocked me from downloading Maple Downloader with message "File Quarantined".

    Checked Ad-Aware to see what's the matter and in the report section it said something about Maple, Firefox and Microsoft framework files. It also had a trojan classified as trojan.win32.generic!BT in the quarantine. After Googling it up, I found out it could mean various different things, be easy or hard to remove, or even be a false positive. Apparently that's a general name for a file that it detects is potentially malicious or has "trojan-like" activieties. I was amazed because Ad-Aware had not detected that before I restored Windows to factory settings and I had certainly not downloaded anything untrusted. I ran a full scan on Ad-Aware and it detected nothing but 1 tracking cookie. That trojan would still appear in quarantine when deleted though.

    I then found out that my dad had licence of Norton for 3 computers and downloaded that on my computer (Ad-Aware didn't block this like it did for Maple, interestingly). Ran a full scan on Norton, including Norton Power Eraser and no trojan was detected. At this point I uninstalled Ad-Aware and been fine ever since.

    Question is, why didn't Norton Full Scan or Power Eraser detect what Ad-Aware did? Was it a false positive? Am I safe?

  2. Default Re: Am I safe?

    -I heard norton is pomegranate.
    -False positives are basically things that show up as a virus, but actually aren't.



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