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Thread: blazing cannon!

  1. Default blazing cannon!

    sometimes i like to pretend im making a beat em up character hoho
    high pony tail + crop top + high waisted shorts + FLAMING FISTS what more could ya want!!!!

    Here's the sprite sheet I made for some of the things in this animation!

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    Default Re: blazing cannon!

    Reminds me of 0:15

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    Default Re: blazing cannon!

    ^ My thoughts exactly
    Good job

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    A face would be nice.

    Are you planning on making a larger fighting animation are was this just a showcase?

  5. Default Re: blazing cannon!

    eventually I will! I don't think I'm there skill-wise to be able to tackle that, so I'm kind of iffy about that!

    it's also going to literally take 10x longer haha



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