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Thread: Hearthstone

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    So is anyone here on southperry in the beta and already playing?
    I'm currently enjoying this a lot, it's in some ways a kind of simplified form of M:tG with the whole land mechanic removed and turned into an automatic mana crystal system.


    It's a warcraft themed CCG.

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    I've been trying to get into the closed beta for like 2 months now, still haven't received an invite, so I guess at this point I'll just be awaiting open beta to finally play. I have watched a lot of it on YouTube, though, from people like TotalBiscuit and Northernlion, so I'm pretty excited to finally play it whenever I get the chance.

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    If you want to watch someone good you should most definitely check out TrumpSC @ twitch.
    He gives lots of commentary on pros and cons and is probably in the top5 of hearthstone players at the moment.

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    Yeah I've seen some of his stuff.

    I really wish they'd go to open beta already, since they're being so stingy with the closed beta invites. :( I've been excited since I first heard about Hearthstone. I used to play a lot of card games back in the day, and I still keep up to date on Yu-Gi-Oh!, even though I don't play it anymore. There's basically no one around to play with, so now I just basically collect. Hearthstone will finally give me the chance to actually play against people in an active community anytime I want, AND I can also collect cards at the same time. Hell, since I know you can earn gold in-game through quests and pomegranate, I may even spend less on collecting than I do on other CCG's.

    I just hope that it doesn't get forgotten or placed to the side and that they release regular updates of new cards and "sets" to collect and build new decks with.

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    I've been wanting to play, but closed beta is a betch :(. I have been watching a couple of LPers playing it, it looks fun, especially since I've always liked Warcraft and it's lore.

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    I like the idea of a Warcraft CCG, but I haven't looked too deeply into this game. I tend to prefer Magic's complexity and flexible mana system to the simpler rules and "free or guaranteed mana every turn" systems that a lot of recent games like Scrolls, Kaijudo, etc have employed, though. Is Hearthstone simple to the point where the depth isn't there, or is it just easier to learn?

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    Easier to learn. There's still depth, not the level of M:tG, of course.
    As said earlier, watch trump play, he's streaming now:
    There's a 'low' amount of cards at the moment, obviously. So relatively the amount of different strategies and decks isn't as varied as M:tG yet.

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    I've been in the beta since late August. Didn't really play much before the wipe and even then I'm still randomly off and on.

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    L> key. =[

    Been watching so much Hearthstone streams. I wanna playy~

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    In Magic, I really like decks that keep my opponent's board state under control via burn spells and countermagic while rapidly blasting away their health with more burns and creatures that synergize with spell play like Guttersnipe. I usually play RU or RW.

    Which classes best match this strategy in Hearthstone?

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    Mages have a ton of board control and so do rogues. They both have a lot of direct damage too, especially with rogue's weapon arsenal. Too bad rogues were nerfed though, but they're still fine(They were insane before the nerf.)
    You should level all classes to 10 if you get into the beta though, both to unlock all their basic cards and to try them out. Not that you wont get to play all of them sooner or later, most daily quests for extra gold require you to play 2 random classes (Like win 2 games as either priest or warlock)

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    Mage would be down your alley. They're really strong with those options.
    Rogues are still decent with board control, they got nerfed pretty badly in the latest patch and they more or less passed the reins to Warriors.

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    I'd still say that rogues have more board control than warriors, but warriors are without a doubt stronger at the moment(IMO).
    Rogues and their weapons got shafted and warriors have the best weapon now(Fiery war axe is amazing with 2 mana for a 3 attack 2 duration weapon) and stuff like battle rage allows you to easily gain 3-4 cards for a 3 mana card which can fuel your aggression and allow you to overwhelm your opponent.

    Something i wonder is if they're going to make spells and stuff bypass armor. Seems like a waste if they don't make a mechanic that bypasses armor with it not being quite the same as life(well it functions the same as life at the moment).

    My biggest joy about the latest patch was the nerf to pint-sized summoner though. I hated going against someone who coined out a pint-sized on turn one and left me with no way to deal with it followed up with a big thing that i have no way to deal with super early.

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    What's your favourite class(es) to play, Malthe? And what class(es) do you recommend for newcomers whenever we are able to get into the beta?

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    I'm currently playing a bit of everything, i enjoy Hunters and Warriors a lot though. Also been having some fun playing priest lately.
    I'd say all classes are pretty decent for newcomers.
    But honestly i play a bit of everything for daily quests so i can earn gold for Arena, i have more fun playing arena than anything else at the moment. Might enjoy constructed more when i find a deck i really enjoy playing. (I'd be playing warlock exclusively if i still had the cards for my Murlock deck for warlock ;_;)

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    How do you feel about the Druid class/deck then? That was the class I was planning on starting with. I like the Hero Ability a lot, and I also really like the fact that a ton of the Druid's cards have multiple uses and you can choose between them depending on what you need for your situation. As a secondary choice, I was looking towards the Shaman, as I feel like it has the easiest time sustaining board presence.

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    Druid seems to be the best late-game class IMO anyway.
    They have a ton of cards that can help them reach the lategame and when they reach it they can pump out some super big cards like ironbark protectors.
    But you really have to try yourself. Druids also have a decent amount of board-clearing ability with their cards, although less now since it was nerfed slightly.
    I'm really not that good yet though, this is just the limited information i have based on what i've seen and experienced myself so far. Still trying to learn all the quirks of all the classes so i know all the smaller tricks and stuff like it.

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    When you got your beta invite, did you get an email notifying you of that? Everyday I fervently check my beta profile on the Hearthstone/Blizzard website, and it'd make it so much easier to know if all I need to look out for is an email.

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    You need to get the email for your invite. It gives you a "Game Key" and you need to input said key to get access to HearthStone.

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    I got mine from a raffle from a team liquid staff member :l

    Also i pineappleing love how it plays warcraft 2 music when you're looking for a game.



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