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  1. Default 1.5x EXP Coupon Boxes

    I'm curious as to how plentiful they are in all of the servers and what their prices are.

    The only ones in Bellocan were brought over from world transfers.

    Was there any way to get them legitimately in GMS (or KMS I guess?)
    since my understanding is that all of these boxes were produced through illicit methods.

    I'm referring to the white boxes with the red ribbon in case it isn't clear.

  2. Default Re: 1.5x EXP Coupon Boxes

    I'm not entirely sure of their origin in GAZED, but when they first popped up they were 100m and they're still 100m, but being sold by a different character.

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    They're worth around 100m in Scania as well. It's mostly exploiters, and occasionally merchants, who sell them in large quantity.

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    Don't buy them, they don't even work. When you use it you literally get nothing.

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    You need space in your ETC.

    There are none for sale in Bellocan anymore. When there were some (before I bought them ) they were 200-300m ea.

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    They've always worked, they give you an ETC tab EXP coupon (which is way better than a buff, means you can dc and still have it active), and they're still 100m in GAZED, sometimes sold at 80m in bundles. I stopped buying them when I realised who was selling them though. Rather level slower than give that guy any of my meso.

    The only way they exist is through item generation.

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    Yeah I'm with Mike, I'd rather not give any scumbag hacker more mesos.



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