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  1. Default Optimizing crit on Hayato

    I just picked up an SE neb I've been waiting on FOREVER (yayyy) and now I've got 70% crit on my Hayato with only level 1 Phantom link skill. I was looking over my old characters and found THIS:


    As I understand it you can transfer these rings only once on an account and then they are locked on that character (can you sok/psok them?). The min. crit is REALLY appealing since Hayato hypers will allow 100% crit rate from Hitokiri Strike. However, this ring was on my precious Corsair that was my highest level for a long time before BB, and it certainly benefits from the ring, but I NEVER play him and I have no equipment on him, and I don't even have a desire to play him anytime soon (maybe after RED? Maybe). Would it be worth it to transfer this ring to my Hayato? He is currently using Evo Rings 1, 2 and 3 and an unleashed ring with %str. I have absolutely no interest in high% untradeable rings. Thoughts?

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    Keep in mind that you can also get 3% crit from a level 100 marksman character card, and 15% crit from a unique inner ability line. That would bring you up to 88% crit without the use of the ring. The inner ability line will potentially take a lot of time and effort depending on your luck.

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    I am not really worried about having 100% crit due to Hitokiri Strike and the eventual hyper skill for 100% uptime (we'll get that soon, right Nexon? Right). The main selling point is the 10% min. crit damage. I feel like it would give me a worth-while damage boost even if I replaced an evo ring 1 or 2 for it.

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    Oh, I'm not entirely sure, I can't do those crazy calculations ;< I honestly think that's based on your gear and what you're sacrificing for it. @JoeTang; or @hadriel; would be able to help you much better with that.

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    The Explorer's Critical Ring can't be sok'd or psok'd back, by the way.

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    If I were that crazy about critical damage and critical rate, I'd have gone for a Lapis Renewal from the start. It's free, from DRPQ anyway (and occasionally Evo World).

    Let me nose around a bit. I've not touched Hayato for a long time.


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    Honestly, I had no idea such a thing existed. The bonuses are very nice, however I have a Loveless Katana with 160 attack and I don't think I'd be willing to switch out and lose ~60 attack.

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    10% Minimum Critical Damage on Hayato with 100% Critical Hit Rate and Sharp Eyes is about a 1.03x increase.

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    Oof, those numbers hurt, man :(

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    So... you don't care for the crit rate because you already have significant 100%crit uptime? Say you have the SE neb, which gives you 15% max crit damage. Assuming no other funny stuff like Thief card set, your crit damage range will become 1.2 ~ 1.65, or an average crit damage multiplier of (1.65 + 1.2)/2 = 1.425. Stick that ring in and you will get an average crit damage multiplier 1.475. That's only 1.475 / 1.425 => 3.5% increase in DPS. [Joe ninja-ed lol]

    That, on face value, is fairly significant. But first I need to know 1) what ring you plan to replace if you use the crit ring, 2) if you have any other sources of crit damage e.g. character card, link skills (can't remember if there's one for this) etc., 3) how much total WA you have, fully buffed with standard stuff only. Also, if you could find out what monster type the Lapis Renewal has bonus damage on?


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    Hayato's "base" critical range, "base" in that it's passively increased by a second job skill (Unfaltering Blade adds 25% min/max), is 1.45 to 1.75. With decent SE, it becomes 1.45 to 1.9. Hayato's own card effect is +2/4/6/8% Min Crit Damage. The damage increase from +10% Min Crit is actually between 2.9% and 3%, depending on what your Hayato card adds or if you even use it at all.

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    Knew I was missing something out... was looking at beginner and 4th job skills only because... where's the Mastery skill... =.=

    Yeah it's just under 3%. The ring being replaced matters a lot.


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    If you need the extra damage for something specific (like killing Empress with a higher success rate), then go ahead and move the ring.

    If not, you might want to consider saving it just in case.

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    The ring will replace an Evolving Ring I, so I will lose 7 all stat and 3 attack. My only other source of critical damage is Hayato's character card that gives 6% minimum critical damage, and Unfaltering Blade which gives 25% min/max crit damage. I have 295 total attack currently (not using the Loveless katana yet), but I should have 338 total attack afterwards, all with normal buffs. I also see that the Dragonic Lapis Renewal does bonus damage on Mammal-type monsters, but I'm not sure about the regular version, sorry.

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    With a 9% stat ring, you would gain an equivalent 3% increase in DPS or more if you have 300% 200% stat or less. If you could get an SE neb, I would tend to think you could get a 9% ring or higher...?

    Last edited by hadriel; 2013-10-05 at 03:23 PM. Reason: bad math =.=

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    Like I said in my first post, I don't have an interest in %stat rings since they will be untradeable. My current unleashed ring is 6% and I'm okay with that since I got them while they were extremely cheap. My current %stat is around 150%, I believe. Would that 3% DPS increase be if the 9% ring replaced an Evolving Ring I?

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    If you have 150% stats, then a 9% ring would make it 2.59/2.5 * 100% => 3.6% increase in DPS, generally assuming an equivalent amount of base stats.

    Your crit ring would be effectively untradeable if you brought it over too. It's your call, I'm here to crunch numbers to provide some degree of analysis only.




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