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  1. Default Maple Bandana red 07

    I was not looking to buy one, i was simply looking for someone to anvil one. I have no idea why it was moved to the marketplace section.

  2. Default Re: Maple Bandana red 07

    Because this thread belongs in the market section and not the Q&A. The Q&A is meant for questions about the game and such.

    Your thread technically falls into a gray area but realistically, it belongs in the bellocan market forum as that's the only place it really fits. TBH you'll have a lot better luck if you just smega to see if anyone has one.

    I forget which one is 07 but I know people with both types. The earlier version one though i have to see if the person remembers their info.

  3. Default Re: Maple Bandana red 07

    Yeah, 2nd one is easier, cause they made the first one untradeable (much to my chagrin cause I had mine on a mule account at the time - I ended up anviling it twice and put one on my own hat and one on a red bandana from Lith, cause I could only charge 5k nx to the account)
    This is the earlier one



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