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  1. Default Feedback Discussion Thread

    I've made our feedback thread visible for the curious and this thread for the talkative. Not unlocking it so it remains clean.

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    Default Re: Feedback Discussion Thread

    How exactly will these be presented to the developers? Will you sum the same points up or does Nexon have access to that thread or something?

  3. Default Re: Feedback Discussion Thread

    Pardon me for being ignorant, but does this thread serve to continue the other thread or just discussing about the changes?

  4. Default Re: Feedback Discussion Thread

    Read the last post of it, aka the closing summary.

    Thread is closed. Deadline is past. There is nothing to continue.

  5. Default Re: Feedback Discussion Thread

    So the purpose of this thread is to talk about that other thread?

  6. Default Re: Feedback Discussion Thread

    For whatever people give a damn and feel the need, since participation in the previous was limited.

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    Default Re: Feedback Discussion Thread

    I've given my opinion too many times. I ended up not participating in this one because I feel like the absolute biggest flaw right now (and it wasn't this in the past, despite having many, MANY other huge flaws) is that the game is just damn boring. There is really no immediate fix to that and I'd be surprised if GMS had the ability to change the game to that extent. Looks like a good amount of points I would have given were covered anyway.

  8. Default Re: Feedback Discussion Thread

    I'm a little surprised more people didn't post about the pick up lag. When I play a new class on GMS, part of what keeps me entertained are the latest quests, but a lot of them are now about "all monsters drop X, Y, and/or Z", but then while I can kill ever monster in the map with each spawn wave, it takes me longer the loot than to kill the monsters.

    The thread is awesome though as it shows how many people indedpendently think of how broken the cash shop and endgame bosses are. It's easy to get a bunch of people bandwagoning onto a negative topic, but to have a bunch of people post the same thing in a topic where they can't see the replies of others? That really says something. I hope Nexon takes a real hard look at that.

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    Default Re: Feedback Discussion Thread

    It's not like the ailments of the game haven't been discussed here (and elsewhere) ad nauseam.

  10. Default Re: Feedback Discussion Thread

    While true, with feedback relatively hidden as it was it helps ensure that people actually report the concerns they have rather than band-wagoning or assuming someone else would say it for them. there's no compulsion to be seen to say the same thing as everyone else.

  11. Default Re: Feedback Discussion Thread

    For a lot of players that would come with "NX shared between all characters"; I don't mind buying pets in general, but for a new class I'll play for a week and then decide about, I'm not going to. (I'd be more likely to play them if they shared NX though)

  12. Default Re: Feedback Discussion Thread

    Well honestly, I'd rather either have pets be free or the loot system revamped. Because if you look at how much NX is "worth" approximately in mesos, buying just the item pouch and meso magnet (assuming you have a pet already, seeing as how even I have a permanent pet on my Hayato from a past event) is like spending over 100m. How much do you have to play to actually make that back? Nexon would rather you look at it as "pay $5, have convenient looting for 3 months!", which doesn't sound inherently bad, but given what those same five bucks could get you if you somehow sold the NX in a legal fashion and compare that to what you earn by using the loot equips...the price is a horrible ripoff.

    So what happens if you try to go without? You could just ignore drops altogether, except perhaps Medals of Honor (since you do want a decent inner ability, right?) and any really rare drop. But that only works if you're an established character with cash to spare. If you start a brand new character on a brand new account, you could easily go broke on potions if you don't loot at all and there's no helpful event going on. And even if you aren't broke, have fun with all those quest lines that ask you to collect monster drops.

    Ultimately, it's a terrible move by Nexon to have monsters drop so much stuff and it's like, "Oh you want this? Swipe a credit card or spend all day holding an inefficient loot key." Like the market and other issues, it's hard to believe they've gotten away with it for so long.

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    Default Re: Feedback Discussion Thread

    I feel kind of ashamed with how little I contributed to the feedback. I should have just copied and pasted several things from the numerous posts I've made over time across several public and private communities. But I didn't and I just...guh.

    Maybe, if I had been tricked into thinking that no one else was in the thread, I would have stepped it up.
    ...I wonder how a selective, anonymous discussion ring would play out.

  14. Default Re: Feedback Discussion Thread

    That's a problem with the ingame economy... back in the day, one set of Ilbis was worth enough NX to get a pet. Now that nobody except botters get valuable items or mesos by hunting, of course looting's not as profitable.

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    Default Re: Feedback Discussion Thread

    There's several approaches to solving this problem, but what would be the best way?
    Actually maybe we should analyze the problem, detail the current "solutions", and then propose and analyze some possible solutions.
    Hm, maybe I ought to make a thread on the issue.

    Oh, but that reminds me...these forum categories are so confusing, I wouldn't really know where to put it.

  16. Default Re: Feedback Discussion Thread

    I would guess it goes in Maple Discussion so long as a lot of it is about the current state of MS.

    The rare-random-drops model has some ups and downs. One of the big downsides is if someone can bot 24 hours a day then they just get more of everything. On the other hand, it's difficult in a way that NX doesn't replace - only reduces a bit. Someone grinding all day for free gets fewer rare drops than someone on a 2x card, but they don't end up with nothing at all, like they do in the "challenging end-game boss" or the "nx-only gachapon" systems.

    Botting is a problem both because of the incentives and because Nexon barely catches people at it. The cost of botted mesos is pretty much proportional to how easy they are to obtain - when they're easy to obtain you get billions for almost nothing, cause someone's putting a few minutes of work into those billions and doesn't value them much. The best way to change that is to start banning anyone who does it. Next best is to install meso sinks at the top tier - ways to get the best equips that permanently remove mesos from the economy without giving them to hackers/botters. Not just RLH totems - sell cubes for mesos at an NPC, give them as rewards for things legit players do.

  17. Default Re: Feedback Discussion Thread

    Feel a little sad because I was slowly adding points to and reviewing stuff on my feedback post (on Notepad), then on Friday when I wanted to paste it and reply, the thread had closed early. Sadded.

    Let me know if you still want my points... I did take a good number of days to do it.


  18. Default Re: Feedback Discussion Thread

    The deadline has come and gone so I can't really submit more as a part of that, but you're welcome to post them here. This post is visible to Aurtax and the rest of Nexon, so if they're really interested they'll see it.

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    Default Re: Feedback Discussion Thread

    as terrible an idea as it is, and being the whole purpose of that thread, i couldn't bring myself to post there because just the sheer length of all that i would have to type (and my much larger pessimism lately) pissed me off to the point of not even trying.

    i've tried enough in the past, i think i just crossed the line where i now think this game isn't salvageable.

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    Default Re: Feedback Discussion Thread

    This. I've said so many different things so many times and to have to put it all into one post felt like a waste of my time considering the company im giving it to.



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