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    What exactly does it do? "Double Chance" seems to apply it rolls the % twice per attack, allowing two triggers per skill used. But then the description just makes it sound like it just fires the normal [up to 5] arrows on a trigger, but now two of them can hit the same target. Is it one of those options, both, or neither?

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    According to some preliminary testing by people on Basil, Double Chance makes it so that Trifling Whim will always fire two arrows on a single target (whereas normally, you'd only fire 1 on a single target.) I'm not sure what it's like on 2 targets, though I assume each target gets hit by two arrows. If you hit three targets, it looks like you hit two targets with 2 arrows, and the third with 1. And so on.

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    Google search has showed me what Basil says, but I never saw any hard proof. And unfortunately, videos of 183+ WA's are either bossing involve the attack speed of Song of Heavens or training where there are tons of Spiraling Vortex hits + splash damages to many mobs. If there were a video of a WA with that hyper point periodically using a lower level skill to a stationary boss, that'd be great. But normally...there are just too many arrows flying about to really count out attacks vs 50% proc rate and seeing if multiple arrows can hit one target and all that jazz.

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    Apparently Trifling Whim double chance, doubles the number of arrows when it activates, source: http;// (replace ; with :)
    My guess with this hyper, if trifling (1-5 arrows) activates one arrow (0.5 x 2 arrows), twice (0.5 x 0.5 x 4), thrice (0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 x 5) cuz 5 is the max number of arrows from trifling wind. With storm bringer and
    song of heaven, the total number of hits should be around 32.69525 which is similar to a mercedes [(0.75 x2) + 2] x 8.33 +1 = 30.155



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