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    Bubbly fire is the best fire.

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    Her costume looks like something out of The Great Gatsby.
    Then she's riding a pink Bullet Bill.

    Overall? Awesome.

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    She's dressed as a Flapper.

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    Someone uploaded it as their own on

    Plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery. : )

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    It's probably after Daisy.

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    Well that's kind of funny. How often does this happen to you?

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    Besides this time, I think I only remember one or two other instances this has happened.

    Usually, people ask me to use my pomegranate for things like guides, youtube videos, etc. First time I've had a gallery created just to upload one of my drawings.

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    Got mentioned on the LAN forums, part of the Honor Roll:

    "Continuamos con un excelente dibujo de la nueva campeona Jinx, en su versión Mafia, de parte del talentoso Chavez."

    "We continue with an excellent drawing of the new champion Jinx, in her Mafia version, from the talented Chavez."

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    I would reply but my NA account doesn't work for LAN ;~;

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    It's cool. I also upload and post them on the NA forums, if you want to check it out.

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    bubut.... my delicious flat chest! D:



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