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  1. Default U.S. Government Shutdown

    I'm...still not quite sure if this is absolutely certain. If what the article states is true, then the Senate did in fact reject the House's last attempt and won't be working on any others tonight.

    I've been trying to keep track of this all night considering my job is affected by it. I may or may not be off of work for an uncertain amount of time :x

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    Still working on it apparnetly from what I can see on cspan. It's honestly like a bunch of children lmao

    Nevermind they are just trying to justify the insanity rofl

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    Am I getting this right? That the Republicans are putting government workers and the American people as leverage to try to kill a bill they have failed to get rid of for the past 4 years?

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    Sounds about right.

    What pricks.

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    Default Re: U.S. Government Shutdown

    ... Uh. I kinda need this by the start of next year, I think. What will this mean for me then? ._o I'm gonna just hope this doesn't stay a thing for too long...

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    You should be fine assuming this doesn't last more than a month.

    But yeah, I'm at home now on furlough status because DoD has no funding. Le sigh.

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    That really sucks and hopefully it won't last too long.

    I just found out recently that I'm still going to be paid since I'm active duty military; however, there isn't going to be any flying in our squadron because of this. :/

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    That is absolutely ridiculous. I feel really bad for you.

    The fact that this is a problem every single year is so freaking alarming and informative about how much of a failure the US Government currently is, at least in my opinion. If they can't even agree on something that will allow millions to keep their jobs, how can we possibly expect them to agree on anything, and by extension, get anything done?

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    We avoided a potential world war thanks to our secretary of state being sarcastic. However, even a series of lucky brakes would be insufficient to stop the runaway dysfunction that is guiding this country.

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    Default Re: U.S. Government Shutdown

    Out of 17 shutdowns the longest one has been like 27 days...lets hope this one isn't like that

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    My dad has been told it most likely will be a week from his bosses at least. Take it as a grain of salt but that's the inside "assumption". DoD btw

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    There had to have been a better option than this, all this does is make us look even weaker in the eyes of our enemies. I would have preferred the pomegranatety healthcare bill to have been passed unanimously over this.

  14. Default Re: U.S. Government Shutdown

    Who are our enemies. Why does it matter. How do we appear 'weaker' in any way or form compared to whatever status quo we have established to volatile factions acros the world. What do you dislike about the Affordable Care Act. On what level does this government 'shut down' merit more cons in your opinion than having ACA implemented.

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    I think Flonne's point was that the Affordable Care Act should have been supported by the majority of both parties, instead of twisting arms and trading favors. Although even with this partial shutdown, like you said it doesn't make us weaker. If there seriously is an attack, the enemies will see how "weak" we are.

    I don't think the shutdown will last very long. Either they will pass small measures to fund each part of the government one by one, or the Republicans will cave. Either way, we still have the debt ceiling coming up and this isn't going to be the last fight over money.

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    The government shut down is an appropriate measure for gauging the incompetence of the legislative. Last week our executive was pushing for air strikes against Syria, even with a dead panned Syria responding that if they were attacked then they wouldn't be adverse to countering with air strikes of their own. Putin went so far as to write an opinion column in the New York Times. While people are viewing the government shut down as a dire event, it's more appropriate to see the government shut down as a by-product of dysfunctional leadership. Senators i.e. Lindsey Graham and congressmen i.e. Michele Bachmann are media clowns due to their inability to pursue a rational line of discourse. When you have clowns running the show, there isn't anything to be expected but a **** show. The whole context of us seeming 'weak' is the exact same mentality that pundits are saying that our agreement with Syria for them to forfeit their weapons was a bad thing. If there's anything that needs to be taken to rest, it's this whole foreign-policy paradigm that's run by our fragile egos to be the dominant alpha male in the house. The first thing that needs to be addressed is our hypocrisy and lunacy, before we concern ourselves with being #1 in terms of international status.

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    It doesn't make us weaker, it makes us LOOK weaker. Sure, we won't be weak if they actually attack, but the goal is to seem so intimidatingly powerful that they would never think of attacking in the first place; that image of the US has been undercut over and over again over the past year or so to the point that any country with an agenda against us is literally just mocking and taunting us at this point.

    If you read through the key points of it and don't understand why I don't like it, we aren't going to agree on it regardless of whether or not I type up 20 pages of reasons I don't like it, so why should I bother doing that? Even given all of that, the shut down is ridiculous because it doesn't do anything other than make it crystal clear to anyone outside of this country that we aren't even stable enough to handle EACH OTHER. Congress is still getting paid, the only thing that changes is tons of people are all laid off. Which makes them want to blame someone, which in turn leads to even more polarization of the country. Pretty soon we aren't going to need to worry about terrorist activities, we are going to pineappleing wipe ourselves out.

  18. Default

    I actually never asked you why you disliked A.C.A. or the government shut down. I simply asked you to explain your position since your key points tend to stand alone as being more representative of an emotional response than an actual opinion. I never asked you for 20 pages of reasons why you don't like it. I asked you to explain why you meant by your previous post. To clarify, I'm not interested in 20 pages of garbage from you. I just want a paragraph where you actually explain what your inflated opinions are actually about instead of being fed your typical Ayn Rand stylized b.s.

    Congress has always been dysfunctional. The shut down doesn't expose anything new to the outside world. Congress being paid while this occurs isn't surprising. Let's compare Congress to a federal agency such as the IRS, Lois Lerner was making three months of income until last week on paid leave after she blatantly lied about her involvement in discrimination against conservative groups. People who are temporarily without work due to the shut down aren't confirmed to have been laid off. The subtle consideration of time is an important aspect to consider when it comes to distinguishing many things i.e. child abandonment and child day-care. There's no reason to mass lay off government workers at this point in the discussion. When you mention 'even more polarization' I have no idea what is being increasingly polarized. I don't think we are going to wipe ourselves out like a terrorist would try to wipe us out because of the shut down. This is one of those slippery slope moments where I feel like you go from Point A and jump to point Bizzaro World.

    'They' would never think of attacking in the first place. 'That image' of the US has been undercut over and over again 'over the past year' or so to the point that 'any country' with an 'agenda' against us is literally just 'mocking and taunting us' at this point.

    Who are our enemies. How do we appear weaker in any way or form compared to whatever status quo we have established to volatile factions across the world. What do you dislike about the Affordable Care Act.

    Strike Points Addressed:From what I understand from you, being super intimidating leads to us being at peace. The government shut down prevents polarization of the country that will ultimately turn citizens into terrorists trying to wipe everyone out.

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    I'm surprised there are people who think we are actually in physical danger of a military strike.

    Things probably would've gotten a little messy had the US attacked Syria, but even then I have serious doubts about what the scale of military retaliation towards us locally would have been.
    It probably would have been another proxy war.

    Sure, it may make people feel cool to be like
    "America, man. Our military is so badass there's no way anyone would pineapple with us."
    To personally identify with that Alpha image.

    But the reality is in terms of war they're either irrelevant or fighting other smaller countries' battles, where our right to be involved is questionable at best and our motives are seriously misrepresented to generate public approval to feed the military industrial complex.

    There is a very very good reason 100% of the wars fought between powerful nations over the past couple decades have been proxy wars.

    We are the world consumer, and the world is now extremely interdependent. We are a HUGE part of the economy, regardless of the role.

    A first world nation attacking another first world nation directly would be that nation shooting itself in the foot, cutting off it's nose to spite it's face. They would be seriously hurting themselves economically.
    i.e. Probably not going to happen

  20. Default Re: U.S. Government Shutdown

    If anything our governmental situation is entertainment fodder for other countries, any country around the world really.



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