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  1. Default Myers-Briggs Type?

    What do you think of the Myers-Briggs test?

    What do your results say, and how do you feel about them?

    It seems most people identify pretty happily with their results.
    I've taken a few over the past couple years and I always seem to straddle the edge.
    ENFJ, INFJ... this time I got INTJ.

    Introvert(56%) Intuitive(50%) Thinking(1%) Judging(33%)

    You have moderate preference of Introversion over Extraversion (56%)
    You have moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing (50%)
    You have marginal or no preference of Thinking over Feeling (1%)
    You have moderate preference of Judging over Perceiving (33%)

  2. Default Re: Myers-Briggs Type?

    Those threads didn't show up for me, I have the default Thread Age Cut off settings.

    What would you like me to do?

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    Default Re: Myers-Briggs Type?

    When you click on the links you don't see the threads?

    I don't want you to do anything, just thought those discussions could interest you.

  4. Default Re: Myers-Briggs Type?

    I do when I click on the links, but they don't show up when I nav to Speak-Easy through the Forum page.

    Oh, alright. I thought I was being moderated for posting something there was already an active thread for.

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    Default Re: Myers-Briggs Type?

    Introvert(78%) iNtuitive(12%) Thinking(38%) Judging(11%)

    You have strong preference of Introversion over Extraversion (78%)
    You have slight preference of Intuition over Sensing (12%)
    You have moderate preference of Thinking over Feeling (38%)
    You have slight preference of Judging over Perceiving (11%)

    and this is my result from another page from ages ago

  6. Default Re: Myers-Briggs Type?

    Same as last time.
    I (100%) N(50%) T(75%) J(44%)

  7. Default Re: Myers-Briggs Type?

    Most of the people on SP are INTJ or INTP.

  8. Default Re: Myers-Briggs Type?

    Moderation here is a lot more kicked back. Your account is new, the most you'll get is a warning if you were to legitimately break a rule, save for posting hacks lol. Worse they would do is close the thread and let you know it's been discussed.

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    Default Re: Myers-Briggs Type?

    Last test i took, i was an INFJ

    I and N was around 50% and F was around 30 and J 10-20ish.

  10. Default Re: Myers-Briggs Type?

    That other test seems interesting.

    Hm. My first Perceiving.

    The community here at Southperry is great from what I've seen, so I was actually expecting somewhat stern moderation had helped keep it that way. That's a relief.

    I've always found these professional attempts to categorize and archetype these... suites of behavior I guess you could call them, interesting. All of humanity's endeavors to better understand it's own experience are fascinating. But how well do you think they fit?

    I find it's on the dart board, but something as ambiguous and dynamic as a person's "true nature" to be hard to definitively pin down.



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