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  1. Default Boss % not working

    Hi so when I hit normal monsters I do this damage
    Bstep on normal monsters

    Assassinate on normal monsters

    Those are on the beetles on the east side of Leafre
    Now comparing that to dojo boss monsters
    Bstep on dojo

    Assassinate on dojo

    Now these are my stats on the stat window

    My %boss on dagger

    My %boss on shield

    Can it really be because I have low %PDR? is that the main problem because I can get the leafre set and get %pdr nebs if I have to I just want to make sure that my weapon isn't glitched, so if you can help please do so. Thanks

  2. Default Re: Boss % not working

    Looks fine to me.

  3. Default Re: Boss % not working

    Normal Monster Damage = Damage X (1 + Total%)
    Boss Damage = Damage X (1 + Total% + Boss%)

    in case you didn't know

  4. Default Re: Boss % not working

    wow ok thanks



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