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  1. Default Fastest Traveling Routes

    Quickest ways to Pantheon/Veritas:

    • From Victoria Island: Quick Move -> Ship -> Portal to Pantheon
    • From Orbis/El Nath: descend Orbis Tower to Aqua Road -> Veritas
    • From Leafre: Magic Seed to Victoria -> Pantheon
    • From Ludibrium: cab/descend Helios Tower to Korean Folk Town -> Aqua Road -> Veritas
    • From Mu Lung/Herb Town: crane to Herb Town -> dolphin to Aqua Road -> Veritas
    • From Magatia/Ariant: camel to Ariant -> Karcasa to Victoria -> Pantheon
    • From wherever else: ship to whichever of the above locations you're closer to

    Anything I missed/overlooked? Are there faster ways for the last item (mainly Edelstein)? I'm not counting that quest you get at Edelstein that gives you only a few teleports to Victoria btw.

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    Default Re: Fastest Traveling Routes

    the universal teleporter:

    from any town with a dimensional mirror:

    Mirror(Momojika) > Strawberry Milk(purchasable at showa) to Mushroom Shrine > Teleback to Henesys(requires you to not use the ludi/aquaroad portals) > 6 paths > Pantheon > Location of choice.

    the non nx man's hyper teleport rock

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    Default Re: Fastest Traveling Routes

    From anywhere to anywhere:
    Dimension Portat NLC-> Dimension Portal Hayato/Kanna Camp -> walk to Zipangu -> Town scroll and exit o Henysis -> Quick move to 6 path -> Pantheon -> Destination

    You can also use HT entrance ticket -> town scroll to leafre

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    If you're level 100+ and have RA pre done, then RA -> Sleepywood return scroll (or any Victoria return scroll) -> Pantheon.

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    Accepting the Blake's Autographs quest from the light bulb will warp you directly to Kerning Square. You can just forfeit the quest after it warps you and reuse whenever convenient.

    e: Oh, and from Momijigaoka you can just head over to the PQ area and you'll end up at Mushroom Shrine upon exiting. Spinel will get you back to wherever you used her to get to Mushroom Shrine last.

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    Wow, so many circumventing routes I did not know about. Thanks for the info!

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    This seems to be the fastest. Didn't think about it.

    What I used, and might be useful for lower levels:

    a) Mercedes Link Skill to Elluel -> Scroll to Sleepywood -> Pantheon -> Pick

    Or if you're a Cygnus:

    b) Skill to Ereve -> Scroll to Sleepywood -> Pantheon -> Pick

    Of course there's the cooldown issue, while RA is always available.

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    Not sure if it's available in GMS, but I always use the Mystic Portal icon on the left side of the screen to Pantheon, then use the teleporter from there to go everywhere.

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    What I do to get anywhere is go Hayato/Kanna Camp via dimentional port then head into the pq map. Exit the map and it'll bring you to mushroom shrine instanty. Exit mushroom shrine and it'll bring you to the most recent place you've entered to mushroom shrine from.

    For example: If you were at leafre and went to mushroom shrine, do the above steps and you'll arrive at leafre.

    I usually enter mushroom shrine from hene and never enter enter the map from anywhere else so I can arrive at hene and then take the pantheon portal quickly to anywhere I please.

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    Here's one I don't see -

    1) Use Icon to travel to Root Abyss
    2) Use Sleepywood return scroll
    3) Walk from sleepywood to pantheon portal.
    4) profit

    This is by far the fastest once you set it up.

    EDIT, My bad, it's listed way up. =(



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