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  1. Default Thunder Breaker questions

    One of the most interesting classes I've played, no doubt.

    Currently I have 32% buff duration as inner ability, and love it because I hate rebuffing, and makes it easier to recast Electrify.

    Now, do Thunder Breakers benefit from attack speed increase inner ability? Should we aim for it? Is it better or worse than using green potions? Do both increases stack?

    Regarding the attack speed glitch that you get using Typhoon on cooldown, is it the same in kMS? I really dobut it's intended, but just curious.

  2. Default Re: Thunder Breaker questions

    MPE Green Potions allow you to bypass the speed cap (Fastest (2)), but without it, an Attack Speed IA will do nothing, since TBs have access to both Booster and SI.

    As far as I know, the Typhoon glitch is unintended, but has yet to be fixed in KMS.



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