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  1. Default Bunnies can fly..

    But not out of their own free will :(

    Not sure whether to cry from the fact it got snatched so violently and because of the squealing, or to laugh at the fact that the second it's free a hawk found it. e.e

    More on the crying part, is so cute ; - ;

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    Default Re: Bunnies can fly..

    That was awful. why did you post this?

    Surely you are a heartless monster who wants to ruin people's good moods :(

  3. Default Re: Bunnies can fly..

    Not sure guy. It's just something I don't think I've ever seen and feel like others haven't either. It's just the irony in the video that really made me post it. Finally free just to be captured again :(

    Also, share in my torment!

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    Default Re: Bunnies can fly..

    I just love hte mom's reaction

  5. Default Re: Bunnies can fly..

    Frankly, she's really stupid.

    If you have an infant rabbit, you're supposed to walk with it nearby to deter any hawks or predators like that.

    They can start walking around freely at around 1 year old when they get big enough.

  6. Default Re: Bunnies can fly..

    Well... at least it was nature and not one of those people that step on animals and kill them I guess.

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    Default Re: Bunnies can fly..

    This video breaks my heart



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