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    Battle Mage used to have +2 stage att speed from staff booster and +1 stage from yellow aura. With body boost it becomes +2+2 so total +4

    In KMS 1.2.195 they change the booster to +1 and yellow aura to +2, so how many stage the Yellow aura gives when in body boost?

    In KMS 1.2.201 Bam has the new skill "Big Crunch Aura" that gives 3x of the aura effects. Will Yellow aura boosts +6 stage att speed?

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    It may be true, now Empress Staff is good for BaM
    Hopefully my Ele Staff can bypass speed cap with these new updates or I will regret for not buying a Emp staff

  3. Default Re: Battle Mage Att Speed

    You can always bypass attacking speed with a green pot..

    I'm not sure if there is a limit o.o

  4. Default Re: Battle Mage Att Speed

    While I'm not 100% certain on actual values, it does feel like it brings you up to speed cap[Faster(2)] when I tested it on my KMS BaM with a Slow(8) Lv 99 Maple Staff. I don't seem to notice a difference when BCA is active with and without booster.

    You need to have ALL 3 Auras active, then Body Boost, then you can activate Big Crunch Aura. When BCA expires, it'll return to the 3 Auras automatically.

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    Can I bypass it with just adv yellow aura + booster + body boost/BCA (just current skills) using ele staff?

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    nope.. you will need either a green pot from MP or the mu lung dojo buff, but i'm not sure if it caps at 0 or if it can go lower too

  7. Default Re: Battle Mage Att Speed

    You can definitely go lower than 0 once you've used the Extreme Green Potion.

  8. Default Re: Battle Mage Att Speed

    thats awesome! I MUST be in party with a bucc and a battle mage (only if AYA stacks with SI) and try my speed with a green pot xD



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