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Thread: SteamOS

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    I want it. Now.

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    I am excite! In home streaming is something I want to mess with ;~;

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    I'm intrigued, but shall wait for more information on performance and everything like that before I get gitty.

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    a freely licensable operating system available to developers and hardware manufacturers for no charge, that allows you to upgrade the hardware of your machine as time goes on.


    the ONLY reason to own a console after this goes out is for exclusive titles

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    If you think that's the only reason to own consoles, you don't understand why console gaming is more popular than pc gaming in the first place.

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    Is this going to be like a standalone system that connects to your home network? It sounds like an awesome idea, but i have trouble actually visualizing what the hell they are talking about.

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    Well they have made no secret of their plans for a 'Steam Box' and their love for Linux so this doesn't really come as a surprise.

    I wonder what the 3rd announcement is going to be though.

    The streaming is a nice touch since it gets around the problem of older titles not having a Linux version. I hope there aren't any big limitations to it like some other streaming options.

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    As far as I understand it, a second pc (or pc like device, they have some more announcements in the next few days, one of which might be a dedicated streaming box,perhaps something like a roku)

    You still need a actual gaming pc with the capability to run the games at the settings you would want.

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    That's called a computer. They've been around for quite awhile.

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    because little kids can't afford good PC's, and parents don't know anything about PC gaming, duh.

    What SteamOS and the inevitable SteamBox are going to do to the gaming market, is going to be awesome.

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    So what you are saying is that 'virtually nothing' is going to be awesome?

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    A cool concept but.. uh... I need to see how exactly will this run.
    If Valve is ever going to release their console (lol "machine"), they'll need a really really good marketing for it. I mean having Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony (with new consoles coming for the last 2) it's going to be really really hard to convince console gamers. But oh well there's always steam sales and occulust rift.

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    Well naturally you'd need the pc (I didn't drop 1500 just so steam could release their own console), So i guess it more or less acts like a media server? I smell latency issues but i'm pretty confident that valve will do a good job with it.

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    in a sense, Valves involvement in Linux will bring a few things to the table:

    1) Game developer support to Linux(SteamOS is probably going to be an offshoot on Ubuntu). a side effect of this wil be that games will be coded more on OpenGL rather than DirectX libraries, BUT there will still be a handful of games using DirectX, simply due to OpenGL not being developer friendly as DX is.

    2) An increased demand for driver support from intel/nvidia/amd. Linux actually has the potential to run games better than Windows can, it uses less resources overall which can help boost performance. If the 3 spent more time with drivers for linux, then there could potentially be a performance boost switching from windows to linux, at least for gamers.

    3) OS is free, for the not so people who like to steal software, this cuts a good portion out of building a gaming PC, assuming linux does take off. ~100$ USD can make a build significantly better.

    4) Inadvertently increases the number of games playable on OSX as well. which will always exist as people like the user layout for OSX.

    the barriers it has now is, a) to get many people to use it and b) get the attention of software giants to optimize their software for the operating system.

    as for the steam box, I have many thoughts, but I won't make an official comment on it till actual news on it gets released.(especially hardware specs to price ratio)



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